Luca: Get him off me.Mature

I stand there hugging Gemme like that for a couple more minutes. It might have been longer if it weren't for the fact that about a minute ago, Damien and Rayn got back to the bus and right now, Rayn is pretending to be a snake. It doesn't bother me until Damien follows suit and decides to snake over to me, grabbing my ankles. I sigh and let go of Gemme, turning to dislodge Damien who is now trying to be one of those snakes that curl around their prey and crush them to death. Only he's determined to hug me to death.

"Damien, get off!" I mutter uncomfortably as he unbalances me and I grab the closest thing to me for support. That being Gemme.

"Ahh!" she growls as I grab onto her, before attempting to pull me her way. Damien sees this as the perfect moment to start a game of tug of war. Except that I'm the rope. I'm not sure how this one's going to work out. Rayn has, thankfully, crawled into the little bathroom thing.

"I don't want to let go and send you flying..." She mutters as Damien behind me starts wailing.

"Let go of him he's mine!" he cries. My eyes widen and I try harder to pull away from him, but he's got a really strong grip on me, hugging me around my waist.

"I..." She stutters, his words taking her by surprise. "I..." She tries again, faltering, but not letting go of my hands.

"Argh!" I grumble, not liking the way Damien's high is making him act. "Let go," I tell Gemme. She nods and lets go of my hands. Damien, still pulling, sends us both crashing to the floor. I land square on his chest and he lets out a pained "oof!" and whines. Before grabbing hold of me and not letting me get up. "Fucking hell!" I snap, trying to make him let go. I don't like how close his hands are to my crotch. Ew.

"Damien... please, let go of him." Gemme, you are trying to reason with someone that is off his face. Only on ecstasy do you get this huggy. Remind me not to let him near the smiley pills ever again.

"Nooooo!" he whines, tightening his grip on me again. I try to pry his hands off my thighs, but he's holding me so that I'm straddling him. So when I get one hand off and turn to the other, he just puts the other one back. Normally, I'd make him let go by doing the reverse healing thing, but I'm too tired for that right now. Healing multiple stab wounds kinda takes it outta you.

She closes her eyes, her hands grabbing mine as she falls silent, trying her best to make Damien let go of me. I return the grip, hopeful for a moment as he loosens his grip, but then he whines again. He sounds like a kicked puppy. She opens her eyes again and sighs, "the drugs are making this really hard." She mutters, "I'm sorry." I throw back my head, groaning at the ceiling. Maybe if I lay back, over his face he'll let go?

Worth a shot.

... He just licked my shirt and then told me how weird it tastes. That would be my blood.

He rolls us over so he can breathe, only that puts me underneath and I like that even less. I struggle, kicking and trying to claw my way over to the sofa away from him, but he just lays on top of me, his arms now wrapped around my middle, hugging me like I'm some kind of teddy bear. I sigh and give up, hoping his high will wear off soon. I glare at the sofa. So close, yet so fucking far away. I want to cry.

Someone get the fucking homo off me.

Right. Now.

Gemme grabs him round his waist like she did before and pulls backwards as much as she can. "He doesn't love you Damien, snap out of it!" She growls at him. I'll be amazed if Alice manages to sleep through this as well.

The End

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