Luca: You don't deserve deathMature

"In a cafe full of people? You really are stupid." I look around. Full of people my ass. It's three am.

"Oh, no, I was figuring you'd jump at the opportunity and drag me outside. Your call."

"Nah, because without you, Alice would have no fame to her name." So you really were just interested in the fact that because of me she's famous. "Gemme was nothing." I swallow hard and ignore that last comment. Y'know that murderous urge disappeared? I think I just found it again.

"Wow. I don't know how you can call me a heartless bastard for hurting a few whores, when you only want your kid back because she's got a bit of fame."

"Oh well, it's a dog eat dog world." Oh look. There's psycho Alex. And here's Psycho Cancer.

Perfect mix, don't ya think?

The things on his table start shaking violently as I try to hold back my anger.

"Ahh, now the freak shows his true colours. Sorry, did I strike a nerve?" I growl wordlessly and slam his head down on the table, holding him down in the awkward position. "Go on, what're you gonna do? D'ya think Gemme would want this? For you to get revenge? Because...she was such a dove, an angel. Took me in when I needed it. Now you're bringing blood to her name!" Funny that, I don't see any blood.

"You're the one with the knife now, not me," I point out. All I'm doing is holding your head down on the table and contemplating breaking your neck. Remembering this, he brings the knife up, stabbing me in the stomach with it. "Now who's the stupid one?" I ask, coughing slightly, "fancy stabbing me in the stomach in a cafe full of people?" I laugh, healing most of the damage.

"You... you should be dead."

"Knife wounds to the stomach... don't often kill," I cough again, letting the now shallow wound bleed freely, making it look like I'm still stabbed. Yes, I'd love to accept that Oscar. "Stings quite a bit, though."

"No.... no!" He growls, stabbing me repeatedly. Ow. I let myself fall off my chair, laughing as I hit the floor, healing each wound to a shallow scratch, though you can't really tell through my blood soaked shirt. I hear the waitress scream but, I'm too busy laughing to care. "FREAK!" he yells.

"Are you done yet?" I ask, scratching one of the wounds as it tingles slightly.

"Yes!" He snarls, stabbing the knife into the table before walking off. I push myself up and wave a hand at the waitress. She looks over at me, gasping as she sees the blood all over me. Well duh. I was stabbed quite a few times.

"It's fine," I pretend to choke the words out, gurgling my breath as I stagger to my feet.  I pull the knife out of the table and examine the end of it. Bastard. The serrated edge was designed for cutting wood, not the smooth side. Which is the side that, funnily enough, was stabbed into the table. Seems okay, though, so I stagger out of the cafe, losing the fake limping movements as I chase after him outside.

"I was just getting started, Alex!" I shout, catching up with him.

"Whatever, you're obviously a freak to live through that. What are you, a werewolf or something?" He laughs and I laugh too.

"Werewolf, good one. No, I'm not hairy enough, and I don't catch myself howling at the moon very often. I have to be very, very drunk to even consider that."

"Lemme guess, vampire? You do have the thirst for blood." Hmm... I don't drink it though. So... no. No I'm not a fucking vampire.

"Wow. Stabbing me in a cafe full of people and then asking me if I'm a vampire. Even stupider than I thought." I chuckle and shake my head. "Wrong again."

"Then what are you... wait, is Gemme like you?"

"Maybe you should go apologise to her face, instead of to a cafe table, hmm?" I smirk, pushing him in the direction of the bus.

"She... She's alive?" I lift up my shirt and show him my unmarked skin.

"About as alive as me."

"Wait... no, no. She can't!"

"What can I say? I'm a good medic," I laugh, shoving him again as the bus comes into sight. Gemme is stood in the doorway of the bus as I shove him to the floor on his knees in front of her.

"You bastard. Killing me is one thing, trying to kill him is quite another." She growls at him as Alex whimpers his apologies. I'm not sure Gemme is listening to them though. "Son of a bitch, now try to fight me, when my back isn't turned." She practically launches herself at him and I stand back out of her way as she attacks him, pretty much beating the shit out of him.

Gemme, I'm proud of you.

When she's done, she stands back and spits on him. "I'd kill you. But I don't owe you the kindness," she snaps and walks back onto the bus.

"Kill me... Luca," Alex groans. I stand over him and watch as he flops over from his side onto his back, trying to look at me through puffed up eyelids.

"No, she's right. You don't deserve that kind of mercy." I say coldly, surprising even myself with my icy tone.

"Then... I'll do it, myself..." He pauses, his eyes going blank. "No, no I won't." He mutters after a while, standing on his feet.

"Make your fucking mind up," I snarl, punching him in the ribs, sending him crashing back down.

"Oh... leave me be..." he whines and I can't even bring a smile to my face. I'm just bored of the fighting. I pick him up with the telekinesis and he moans as I move him away from the bus. The guy doesn't know whether he's coming or going. I leave him in a dumpster behind a building on the street and walk back to the bus. 


The End

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