Luca: messing with your head.Mature

Gemme just got stabbed, I healed her and she's still being weird. I'm hardly over reacting, am I? Wanting to even the score is hardly over reacting. Right? Either way I still feel like I should leave her alone. I can't help but feel like I'm not really wanted there right now. I don't even know what I've done wrong, and she won't tell me why she's acting so weird.

As I'm trying to find Alex, Damien and Rayn attack me, giggling. Rayn runs at me and hugs me from the side and Damien leaps at my back, attempting to get me to give him a piggy back. All it does it make me trip over and drop my knife. I land heavily on the floor with both of them still attached to me.

"I don't like to help you kill someone and it sorta hurts just telling you this but... he's in the cafe car park down the road." Gemme says in my head as I'm trying to push them off, but Damien is clinging to me like I'm some kind of life buoy and Rayn's laughing like a maniac. Brilliant. They're off their faces, having a great time and I'm in a shit mood, trying to find someone I don't even know to rip their fucking throat out.

Just. Fucking. Brilliant.

"Great, well I'll go find him when I've escaped from Rayn and Damien," I growl, punching Rayn in the nuts to make him let go of me. He rolls away, howling, but Damien doesn't seem to get the message as I try to dislodge him too. Instead, he rolls me over so I'm facing up, staring right up at him as he ducks his head down to kiss me. I slam my hand up into his face, pushing him back. He whines like a little bitch as I force him off me.

"You're not making me feel much better about you, fucking freak," I spit, scrabbling away from him. He follows. I make him pass out. Rayn is still moaning and clutching his crotch, balled up on the floor. I grab my knife and wipe the mud off it with my shirt. It puts a hole in my shirt, but I don't really care as I run into the street where the cafe is.

I get a coffee and take the table behind him so he can't see me. The murderous urge seems to have vanished. Instead, I'm more in the mood for some mindfuckery. So I make the salt shaker on his table fall over, cracking apart and spilling the salt all over the table. He looks around a bit and shrugs to himself, opening his mouth to call someone over to clear it up. Only before he can start saying anything, I make the salt start making words on the table. "No one hurts a friend of mine and gets away with it," is what it says.

"What the... heh, stupid conscience." He laughs, smearing the salt all over the table. A spark of irritation flashes in my mind at that. Writing is hard, ya bastard. I make the salt reform into a new message. "Think this is your conscience?" I'm fairly sure I spelt it wrong, but I don't really care.

"I think I'm going nuts." He laughs again, this time furiously wiping it all away, pushing the salt onto the floor. I make the salt hover in the air at table level, making more words. "Damn straight, bitch."

"What is this!? Who's your friend? Stop it!" He growls and I let the salt fall to the floor, lifeless. His breathing goes heavy as he orders a coffee, running his fingers through his hair. I smile slightly and hold my coffee in both hands, glancing down at it. I wish I could see the look on his face. I take a drink of my coffee as the waitress hands him his. Lighting a cigarette, I make his coffee mug shake and spill his coffee on him. He shrieks as the hot liquid splashes onto his pants and shirt. He starts patting himself dry. "Oh, I'm so clumsy..." he mutters to himself and I smirk, making the spilt coffee on the table draw random patterns. 


The End

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