Gemme: Back-Stabber?Mature

“Stop that.”  That song, those lies; Alex’s shouting only made those memories re-surface. In the click of a finger he went from angry, to calm. He shouted at me. He wanted to hit me. How far can destiny go hmm? Were we even meant to be together? I don’t know. I was sorry, I was broken and I lost control of my power just like he does when he gets angry.

"Stop what?"

"That singing, in your head; Stop it."

"Why should I? It's my head, I'll sing in it if I want." Yeah, thanks for being so caring to my power; Idiot, I mean, I try to help you with yours.

"Fine," I waved a hand dismissively, rising from the bed and walking away. Fuck it; I don't need to listen to lies.

"Seriously, Gemme, what's up with you tonight?" I sighed and shook my head, continuing down the stairs. I just realised how fucked up I must have been to come back here. But I promised, he said... ‘What if things try to split us up again?’ I told him it would be okay, that I had faith. I have faith... faith in what? I never said. "Gemme, if you don't tell me, how am I supposed to try and do anything about it?"

"Stay here, watch Alice."

"Sure. Won't stop me wanting to know why you're acting so weird."

"And get the fuck out of my head!"

"Why? Am I not allowed to ask my own girlfriend what's wrong anymore without being ignored?"

"Get out of my head!"

“If this is what I get for actually giving a fuck then fine, I won’t fucking ask anymore!" *really pissed off again*

"Be careful not to hurt your precious angel. But God knows that doesn't stop you." That’s it, add fuel to the fire you idiot. But he didn’t reply... he didn’t reply... AHHH!

I growled, kicking off, screaming and yelling wordlessly. Everything always tries to tear us apart. I always make it worse. Why won’t they all just leave us alone? Why, don’t I deserve to be happy? Don’t I deserve to actually have a normal, fucking, human, Life!?

Luca walked outside, but when he saw me he just disappeared back inside again. Obviously, I’m not in danger... who gives a fuck!? I hit the bus irritably and suddenly burst into tears. Everything, he cared about Alice more than me. He was so happy when Alice said she loved him, that he was a dad. Huh, he never cared. Why can’t I just be human? Lead a human life and stop attracting all this drama!

I fell onto the floor, my head in my hands... but, then something hit me. A sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down, a shiny hilt was protruding from my stomach... the pain grew and I grabbed the hilt, pulling it away. I looked up to see Alex smirking over me. I tilted my head, I felt cold... again. My hands on my stomach, I then glanced at my hands... yeah, I was bleeding and it hurt, a lot. The pain grew, the burning pain running through my body. I felt sick, dizzy and cold.  “Luca...” I wheezed in my head, then once more out loud.

Alex laughed loudly, before dropping to a whisper, “He just wasn’t here to save you,” he murmured, before running off into the distance.

“Oh Luca... I’m a fool...”

I couldn’t see anything next...I could just feel Luca getting closer then I linked my mind to his.  

"Shit, Gemme? Gemme!" he cried, kneeling beside me, his hands pushing mine aside, pulling my top up to expose the wound.

"He was just weren't there to save me..."

I felt the energy course through me. An energy that was all too familiar to me. The warmth obliterated the cold that had taken over and I found myself gasping for air again. “Oh... my,” I muttered, remembering why he was healing me; the fact that I had a gaping hole in my stomach.

When he had finished and my skin had finally stitched itself back together he looked at me sternly. "Where is he?" he asked through gritted teeth as his knife flew out of the bus into his hand.

"I don't know... I was, dying y'know. My eyesight isn't that good...sorry." How the fuck was I meant to see something?

He kissed me on the cheek and stood up, "stay here and keep an eye on Alice. I'm gonna go find the fucker."



"I don't want any more fighting."

"There won't be a fight. There will be a knife, in his throat, and he won't even know it."

"Luca... don't."

"Want him to come back and make it worse?" No and I know I can’t persuade you otherwise.

I put my hands back on my stomach. "Go."

The End

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