Luca: Mommy and daddyMature

They all race off into the water and I stay put. I'm still trying to calm down from earlier. I don't wanna be anywhere near the fucking homo.

Honestly? I have no idea what was going through my head on the bus when I pushed Damien down on the bed. And I'm not too sure he wasn't enjoying it. I'd meant it to be teasing, even if it was nasty. I don't think he minded so much. It freaked me out, I guess that was why I'd felt the need to get off the bus.

I roll onto my front, propping myself up a bit to watch Gemme in the water with the others. "You're so close minded" Gemme had said. And she'd thought it was something to do religion? No. my homophobia is another parental triumph on my mom's part.

After a while, I get bored of lying there sunbathing on my own, so I get up, about to make my way down to the water.

Only some girl spots me and screams "Cancer!" at me. I turn and she runs over to me, kinda hesitating as she bounces around in front of me.

"Ohmygod it's you!" she squeals and apparently the urge to hug me was killing her, because she flings her arms around me. I force out a laugh and hug her back. When she finally lets go of me, she looks like I've just fulfilled a life dream. Seriously. We've been around for like three months. Chill. As she babbles on about how much she's looking forward to our EP release, I have to resist the urge to slap some sense into her.

"When's it coming out?" she asks.

"Oh, um... A couple of weeks, I think. Phil handles all that kinda thing. You'd have to ask him that," I point to the water vaguely, "he's over there. C'mon," I say, taking her hand. Might as well make her day, right? She beams up at me as we walk over to the water together. I take her over to Phil and let go of her hand. "Dude," I poke his shoulder and he looks around, "when's the EP gonna be out?" he glances at the fan girl with me and smiles. When Damien wades over, I back off, leaving her with them. I instead go over to Gemme and Alice, making sure that when fan girl looks over, I'm kissing Gemme.

"What're you doing?" Gemme asks.

"Letting her know that I'm taken," I mutter quietly, putting an arm around her waist.

"Good." She mumbles, breathing a small sigh of relief.

"Wouldn't give up my gorgeous phoenix for anyone," I smile, glancing over at fan girl as she talks to Phil. If you pull that girl, Phil, I am going to castrate you. There is no way someone that squealy is coming with us.

She nods, her arms around my neck as she kisses me again. "I hope not."

"So how's learning to swim going?" I ask Alice.

"Good!" She smiles and Gemme laughs, "she's paddling like a dog though."

"Gotta start somewhere, haven't we?" I grin, squinting as the sun reflects off the water into my eyes.

"Yeah, she always was a fast learner." Sure. Faster than me.

Alice nodded, "Yeah, but mommy's a good teacher."

"Mommy?" I ask, looking at Gemme, surprised.

"Yeah..." She turns to Gemme, "you will be... won't you?" Gemme just looks at her shocked, not really saying anything. Hey, if she calls Gemme her mommy, what does that make me?

"Whaddya say, Gemme. Fancy being a mom?" I ask with a crooked smile. So Gemme gets to be a mom after all, even if the kid isn't her own.

"Don't really know what to say..." she stutters. "Yes. Oh yes, of course." She grins after a while, picking up Alice out of the water. I smile and kiss them both on the cheek. "Of course, wouldn't that make you Daddy... Luca?" she asks me.

"If Alice wants me to be." She looks to Alice who looks frantically between her and me before nodding with a wide grin. I grin back and hug the both of them tightly.

"I love you, Luca." Gemme smiles, kissing me softly. Alice nods, echoing the words but replacing Luca with Daddy. I kiss Gemme back, still smiling.

"I love you too, both of my beautiful girls," I laugh. Cheesy. Gotta love a bit of cheesy.

She kisses Alice's forehead. "Come on you. Best get you dried off." I let go of them and let them go back to the sand. I bounce through the water over to Rayn, grabbing his shoulders from behind, the stupid smile still plastered on my face. Who knew being told a little kid wants you to be her dad could put you in such a good mood?

"I'm a dad!" I yell in his ear and his face drops.

"Holy shit, you didn't get Gemme pregnant did you?" and I almost fall over laughing.

"No. Alice wants Gemme to be her mom and me to be her dad!"

"That's awesome, man!" he smiles and hugs me. I see Damien look away and Phil tries to smile, but I know he's Damien's best mate and he probably isn't best pleased about what I did. Whatever. I'm in too good a mood to care about that right now.

"We should get back to the bus now," Phil says after a minute and I nod, racing Rayn back to the sand where Gemme is getting Alice dressed back in her normal clothes. I run up to her, pick her up and swing her in a circle before putting her back down. I plonk myself down onto the sand next to her and lean forward kissing Gemme. She kisses me back, smiling.

"Best get you dried off too, then," she says and I look at my towel, covered in sand.

"I'll dry off with a clean towel, thanks," I laugh.

"Picky." She laughs, dusting off Alice and picking her up. "Come on, you heard Phil. Back to the bus."


Later, at the gig, I get Gemme to have Alice in the wings for the intro. I sling my guitar on, and pick Alice up, lifting her onto my shoulders. I kiss Gemme as the others walk on and then follow them out. Half the audience goes "aww" as the see Alice on my shoulders.

"Any dads in the crowd tonight?" I ask, laughing slightly. Some of them raise their hands and wave at me. "Awesome. Meet me at the bar later," I take Alice down from my shoulders and hug her, "'cause this beautiful little girl has kinda adopted me as her dad," I grin and kiss her on the forehead, running a hand through her hair. She smiles sleepily at the people and I laugh again. "Way past your bed time isn't it, beautiful?" she nods and rests her head on my shoulder. Another "aww" comes from the crowd as I take her back over to Gemme and kiss her goodnight before going back out to play an awesome show. 


The End

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