Gemme: Moving OnMature

Luca carried me the whole way to the beach, it wasn’t that far anyway. But of course, when we got there, the bus was already waiting. Luca put me down and I disappeared into the bus, grabbing Alice’s hand I tugged her upstairs where we got changed. I don’t know how this is going to transpire. But nonetheless, Alice hardly ever went to the beach and neither did I. I wanted it to be a good experience. At least I, Alice and Rayn should be able to have a good time.

“Is anyone else coming?” I asked Alice in my arms and two towels in hers. I hoped that everyone would say yes, leap to their feet and come bounding onto the sand with me but I know that wouldn’t happen. Luca put his arm around my waist and walked with me when I emerged again. Rayn grinned and, bless him, tried to persuade the others to race down onto the sand but as he ran off the others just trudged along.

When we got to the sand I laid out the towels and lead on one, my face down in the sand as I smiled at the warm sun beat down on me. Alice ran off to play with Rayn and I didn’t look to Luca, or to Phil and Damien. But I did know I was laid between them.

Luca lay down on the towel beside me, also sunbathing. All I could hear next to me was Alice and Rayn giddily persuading everyone to play and Damien agreed. Oh good. Then I heard a squeal and Alice’s little pitter-patter of feet beside me.  “Look at this, Look!” She squealed and I rolled over to look at what she was on about. She was pointing to my back frantically; when I rolled back over I felt her hand on my back. “Look, look, Rain. Look, it’s a phoenix... just like you and him and him!” She smiled and I guessed she was pointing to people.

"Awesome," I could hear the grin on his voice.

"Rayn?" I said.


"When you go to the sea, Alice can't swim, so tell me first, kay?"

"Alice, you've seen my tattoo a thousand times before... why do you keep looking at it?" I asked, rolling over a little to look at her and she grinned.

"It pwetty." I smiled,

"Wouldn’t you like to go with Rayn?" I asked and she nodded, running off with him. Damien ran off too and I told Rayn to keep hold of her as they went swimming. I sighed, rolling over. “Luca, you coming?” I asked, standing over him, my feet on either side of his chest.

“No, I’m okay thank you.”

I knelt down on him, kissing him swiftly. "Okay..." He kissed me back and I stood up, looking to Phil as an unannounced race started and we both bolted into the ocean, splashing in as I pounced on Rayn, laughing.  I grasped Alice round the waist, helping her to swim as Rayn splashed us with water. I couldn’t help look to Luca though... Everyone tried to move past it... oh, Luca...

The End

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