Luca: Don't close your eyes on me.Mature

Of course Damien is in denial about liking me. So was I until it was brought up. It's far easier if we all pretend it's not there.

See when I met Damien, he was puking his guts up outside a gay bar. Being high at the time, I'd just thought he'd been on his way home from the other bar down the road. The normal bar. Full of normal people. Not a homo or bi person in sight.

Anyways, as is usual for me, we got into a fight within about two seconds of meeting. He was in my way. I made him move - that is, I pushed him out of my way and sent him flying into the road. He staggered back over to me and tried to punch me and, me, being me, lost it and beat the crap out of him.

Fuck only knows how we ended up in his apartment, in the same bed with Phil staring at us like we both had two heads.

Only now that it's on my mind again, I can feel the temptation to be nasty about it growing. Because it's unnatural, isn't it? You're s'posed to like girls if you're a guy, and girls are supposed to like guys. You're not supposed to fuck people that are the same sex as you, it's just weird.

I get up and creep up the stairs, poking my head just over the floor level to see where he is. He's sitting on the edge of one of the beds, writing in his diary thing again. I jump over the rail, boosting myself to land on the bed just behind him. Before he can stop me, I snatch the notebook from his hands and hold him down, one hand on top of his head. He tries to slap me away but it doesn't bother me as I start reading through what he's written.

"Cancer!" he yells at me angrily, "give it back!" I frown, stumbling across a few of the words as he distracts me. He yelps as I grab the short hairs on his neck and yank, but he doesn't stop yelling.

"The way he teases me is driving me nuts," I read out loudly, wobbling slightly on the bed as he punches the back of my knee, "I thought the game of truth or dare might have given me some..." I trail off, frowning at the next word. R-E-S-P-I-T-E. "respite. It just made me want him more," I look up as Gemme walks up the stairs. Distracted this time by her, Damien takes advantage of it, pulling my feet from under me. I crash to the floor and he lands on top of me, punching me. I throw his notebook down the other end of the bus, laughing.

"Stop it! Now!" Gemme yells, but both of us ignore her, Damien still hitting me, and me still laughing.

"Fuckin' homo, can't even punch me properly!" I sneer. Of course, his next punch breaks my nose. But, why would that bother me? Gemme leaps at Damien, pulling him off me and restraining his arms. It looks like she's hugging him. He struggles against her as I lay there grinning up at him. I sit up, rub my nose, healing it and grab his shirt, using it to help pull myself up. "You can let go, y'know," I tell Gemme. She loosens her grip, but doesn't let go completely.

"Don't let him get under your skin, you know," she says to Damien.

"Aww," I smile, "looking forward to seeing me in my trunks?" I ask him in a patronizing tone as I take a step back. He bares his teeth, growling. "Now, now tiger," I wink.

"Damien... calm it." She whispers to him, and he shakes her off. "Please... don't do anything stupid."

"I wasn't going to," he snarls, stalking past me to get his notebook. Only, on his way back to put the book back in his bag, I grab him again, throwing him down on the bed. I kneel over him, holding him down again, my hands on his chest. As I move one hand up, pulling my shirt over my head, he closes his eyes and tries to pretend it's not happening.

"Why're you closing your eyes?" I shout, "This is your fantasy, isn't it? This is what you write about!" Yeah... didn't tell you what else I'd read when I was in that tree.

"Luca, stop it!" Gemme cries and I look up, my eyes snapping to hers. "Stop. It." I sit back on my heels, my shirt still in my hand.

"Sure," I snap, jump off the bed. I walk back down the stairs, ignoring the look Phil gives me as I grab another beer and my smokes before leaning across the driver.

"Hey!" he pushes me away as I reach for the button that opens the doors.

"Lemme off! I'm walking the rest of the way!" I yell at him, turning to the doors as I try to claw them open. He gives me a weird look too and opens the doors. I stumble out, tripping over my own feet slightly as I stalk off down the road. 



(Author's note: I am not a homophobe, nor do I support these views.)

The End

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