Gemme: Truth or Dare? IIMature

I smile, kissing a little more passionately than I thought I would. “Oh Hey, Phil, I think you can have these back now.” I grinned, throwing the pants back over to him. But either way, I’m gonna get some clothing that’s been on his cock. Nice.

"Thanks," he laughed, catching them and putting them back on.

“Okay, Luca, your turn. Time to get your own back on them,” I smiled, but that last one was so sweet. I guess, I finally heard what I needed.

"Damien, truth or dare?" I knew he would do this and not because I’m a mind reader.

"Dare." Either way, it’ll end up the same.

"Go get your notebook. I wanna see what you've been writing about me."

"Forfeit, thanks," he scowled.

Now that sparked my curiosity, "Damien, what have you been writing?"

"Nothing, what's my forfeit?" I will find out. I mean, I think someone might have a crush on my boyfriend. Personally, I didn’t want to know but there was that little bit of curiosity.

"Go on Luca, what's his forfeit?"

"Wedgie," he grinned, as he slipped me off his lap Luca walked to him, firmly pulling his boxers up from his trousers. He whined and whimpered and I burst into giggles as Luca came back and sat down again.

"So, Damien your turn," I giggled.

"Phil, truth or dare?"


"We take a picture of you looking like that and post it on the band's MySpace," he laughed as Phil's face dropped.

He hesitated and groaned, "fine,” and Damien ran off to grab his camera, snapping Phil in my top and my trousers round his ankles. With a furious blush on his cheeks as the flash lit him up. I smiled and as Damien sat down, I told him it was his turn. This was getting interesting... as the night drew on and they downed more and more beers.

 "Gemme, truth or dare?"

I was still smiling, "hmm, dare." I smirked, making myself comfortable on Luca’s lap again.

"Get on the roof of the bus and sing the most retarded song you can think of."

"What? No. Forfeit."

"Okay... drink the chilli sauce," he smiled, throwing the bottle of sauce towards me.

I rolled my eyes, "all of it?" He nodded and I closed my eyes, downing the bottle without taking a breath; downing it in one. Oh, God... that stuff is disgusting, it burnt down my throat, making me cough. I shook my head furiously, "anything to take away the taste?" I whined, wiping my eyes as they began to water. Luca offered me his beer and I shook my head, “don’t drink.” I coughed.

“No, but it'll take away the taste.”

"No, I'm fine then thanks." I coughed. "You know, sometimes I think you guys are gay." I laughed, I mean, come on:

“What makes you think that?” Damien frowned.

“There’s a hot girl in front of you that says dare and you make her drink chilli sauce, although, I am wearing Phil’s clothes.”

"No... We just saw the look on Cancer's face when Rayn told you to strip," he laughed.

"I turned to Luca, "as long as they don't touch me, they're fine. You said that yourself, so long ago."

"I revised that statement," he muttered.

"Yeah well, no one here's the slightest bit sexy, I wouldn’t sleep with one of them." I giggled.

"Hey!" Rayn and Phil protested at the same time. Damien just laughed. I laughed with him and

“Anyway, "Damien, truth or dare?"


"You have to personally strip one person in this circle." This was to prove a theory, if Damien goes to Luca; I know what is written in his notebook. If he chooses Phil or Rayn, I have no idea what he wanted with Luca.

"I get to choose?"


"Stand up then," he smiled, walking over to me. Oh, I forgot about myself... oh great. I stood up, Phil's clothes hanging off me.

He pulled the top off over my head and I shook my head softly. "Your hands are cold." I moaned, as he pushed down Phil's trousers and I stepped out of them.

"Sorry," he chuckled. I sat back down my arms around Luca as the cool night air lapped against my skin and Luca held me close as Damien sat down too.

“Cancer, truth or dare?”


“Demonstrate your favorite sex position with the person to your right.”  He rested me on the floor and pulled me up so I was on all fours in front of him, his hands on my waist.

"Hey!"He grinned and kissed me and I shook my head, "Okay, move on please."

"Rayn, truth or dare?"


"When did you lose your virginity? It's news to me, at any rate." He laughed and I laughed too, moving from the position Luca put me in, to sitting back on his lap.

"I was fifteen. You were passed out."

"Sure. I was conveniently unconscious in the other room." He rolled his eyes and I laughed a little harder and wriggled on Luca's lap for about a minute.

"What's with the wriggling?" he asked.

"Trying to get comfy, ever since you moved me," I pouted slightly.

"Well if you keep that up, you'll be sitting on a lump," he said bluntly.

"That wouldn't be too bad." I smirked, kissing him.

He kissed back, smiling, "well it wouldn't be too bad if we were alone, no."

"Heh, you'll just put up with it then." I grinned, not ceasing my wriggling.

"Harsh," he grunted, looking back up as the game went on.

"You may have to hurry up with this game." I giggled to the rest of them as I looked at Luca.

"Want us to go back inside?" Rayn asked winking.

"No, it's fine." I smiled, "want me to sit still?"

"Uh, yeah, might be a good idea."

I laughed, slipping off his lap. "Anyway, I think it was your turn, Rayn."

"Cancer, truth or dare?"


"Strip to your boxers and lead us in a conga line around the park." Rayn giggled. The weirdest thing about it was that Luca did, just that. Wow, I never thought I’d see the day...

"Go on, Luca," I urged when we got back to the place we started from.

"Damien, truth or dare?"


"Do you have a crush on anyone here?" he asked with a grin.

"Don't you wish I did?" Damien laughed, "No, Sorry to disappoint you."

"Hmm. I'm sure."

"Well who do you think I have a crush on then?" I tapped my nose and he laughed.

"Come on then, whose next?"

He shrugged. "I dunno about you guys, but I'm knackered."

"Yeah, how about umm... you all go inside? And Phil, here," I smiled, throwing him his clothes back.

Phil laughed, taking off my tank top and throwing my clothes back at me. "C'mon," he said, standing up and pulling on his jeans, "let's leave them to it," he winked, walking back into the bus, shortly followed by everyone else.

The End

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