Luca: Truth or dare?Mature

A couple of days after admitting I can't read to Gemme, we're all taking a day off, relaxing outside the bus. It's getting dark and Alice asleep upstairs. We got a couple of those disposable barbeques and we're just sitting around those, eating, drinking, having a laugh. I've got one arm around Gemme and I'm holding a beer and a cigarette with the other , alternating between taking drags on the smoke and drinking. We finished eating a while ago, but we kept the barbeque things ‘cause they're warm and we can't be fucked enough to build a fire.

"I think," Rayn says, draining his beer bottle, "we need to play truth or dare," he grins and I laugh. Surprisingly, Gemme nods and smiles.

"Fair enough," she says and Damien arches his eyebrow. Sometimes, I think he's turning into an old guy.

"Alright then," Rayn giggles, "Gemme, truth or dare?"


"Take your shirt off," he laughed.

"Oh come on... really?"

"If you wanna go more daring then you can take your pants off too." Rayn wants a good beating up doesn't he?

"Fine," she mutters, stripping to her underwear. "Damien, truth or dare?"

"Dare," he shrugs.

"Hmm... I dare you to... kiss Luca." She looks to me and grins, giggling at the look of horror on my face. Damien gets up, walks around the small circle towards me and I try to use Gemme as a shield. "Fine, you can kiss me if you want." She laughs and he shrugs, bending down and kissing her for way longer than was needed. When he goes back and sits down, I pull Gemme onto my lap and link my arms around her waist. Yes. I am possessive. She smiles, leaning back into me. "Okay, Damien. Your turn."

"Phil, truth or dare?"

"Dare." Damien glances over at me and a small grin appears on his lips.

"Switch clothes with Gemme." That should be interesting... Gemme's tiny.

"Oh that doesn't mean I have to strip again does it?" she asks and he laughs.

"No, you get to wear man clothes. I think Cancer will be happier with that one."

"Hmm." She hums, handing Phil her clothes. "Good luck with them, by the way." Phil grimaces, stripping off and passing her his clothes. He looks at her leather pans and tank top uncertainly and shrugs. The tank top kinda fits, but he can't get her pants past his ankles. He just sits there with them around his ankles grinning. We all burst out laughing at him and when we recover, Gemme shifts, pulling on his top and skinny jeans. It's kinda weird hugging her when she smells like Phil, but I'll live, I guess.

"Cancer," he smirks at me, "don't think you're gonna get away with hiding behind Gemme like that. Truth or dare?"

"Dare," I say. Every time.

"Since you wimped out of kissing Damien, this time, you have to make out with him." I regret that now.

"That wasn't my dare, I shouldn't have to forfeit!" I protest, but Gemme gets up as Rayn hauls me to my feet, pushing me towards Damien. "No! Not fair!" I shriek. The others just laugh. Damien stands up too, grabbing me from Rayn. He puts his lips on mine, forcing them open. Pretend it's Gemme. It's not drummer boy, it's Gemme. Reluctantly I kiss back. Urgh. He pulls away and pats me on the head.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I take a step back and pretend to wipe my tongue. As I go back over to Gemme, I grab another beer and use it to rinse my mouth out. Damien just laughs. Smug git. It's not my fault that I'm not into guys. At all. Ew.

"For you," I mutter sullenly, pulling Gemme back onto my lap. "Rayn, truth or dare?"


"Give the tranny a hickey," I laugh, "someone's gotta make it look like he's getting some." Rayn looks at Phil and grabs his arm, pulling him over and latching himself onto the guy's neck. When he pulls away there's a dim red bite mark on his skin and he rubs it, glaring at Rayn.

"No need to be so rough, vampire boy," he grumbles.

"Gemme, truth or dare?" Rayn asks, picking her out again, ignoring Phil's complaining.

"Dare of course," she smiles and he thinks for a moment.

"I dare you to give Cancer a frontal wedgie," he grins and my eyes widen. Why are they so intent on torturing me tonight?!

"Rayn, you're an idiot. I don't even know what one of them is, so I can't." She lies, and he scowls. "Give me another one."

"Yank the front of his boxers up. If you don't I will."

"I don't want to. Give me another one," she says and his eyes go blank for a second as she ‘persuades' him to think of another one.

"Thank you," I mutter in her ear, kissing her on the cheek with a smile. She kisses me back.

"Go on then," she says.

"Wear Phil's boxers on your head for the next three rounds." Phil glares at him.

"Eww, why me?" she moans, leaning back into me.

"My boxers are perfectly clean!" Phil protests, pulling them off and throwing them at Gemme. He puts her leather pants over his cock, keeping it out of sight. Thank fuck for that.

"Not really, I know where they've been." She laughs, cautiously putting them over her head. "Okay, Rayn, truth, or dare?"

"We haven't had any truths yet, have we?" he looks around and a couple of us shake our heads. "Truth, then."

"Have you ever been laid?" He laughs.

"Sure I have." Hmm.

"Sorry, I just found it hard to believe."

"Why's that?" he scowls. Gemme just sticks her tongue out in answer and he pulls a face, laughing. "Fine. Damien. Truth or dare?"

"Truth," he smiles and shrugs.

"Awesome. Why do you write about Cancer so much in your notebook?" his smile falters slightly but it holds.

"None of you lot are interesting enough to write about," he winks and opens another beer.

"Now I really need you to teach me to read," I whisper in Gemme's mind. She just nods, not saying anything in reply.

"Cancer, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to answer this question honestly-"

"Cheat!" I laugh.

"Whatever. I want you to tell us all honestly; what do you genuinely think of Gemme?" The question throws me a bit, but I don't really hesitate.

"What do I think of Gemme? I think that she's the most gorgeous girl I know. She's awesome in many, many ways," I pause smirking, one way in particular flashing across my mind as I turn her slightly on my lap so I can look her in the eye, "and I love you, more than I could ever put into words." I smile and kiss her warmly, holding her close. 


The End

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