Luca: I missed this.Mature

I dunno what she's sorry about, but the hug's nice and I return it, when I pull away, I take a last drag on my cigarette and grind it into the ashtray, finish my beer and stand up.

"C'mon," I grin, offering my hand to her, "there's a hotel nearby. I'm sure they'll have a room just for us." I mean it's sex, or coke and another attempted rape. Which was horrible, by the way, when I snapped out of the high and realized what I was doing.

"Heh, special." She smiles, grabbing my hand and I pull her to her feet, putting my arm back around her, just above the waistband on her jeans. Damien looks up as I steer her out of the room and shakes his head. I don't need to be a mind reader to tell that he just thinks I'm gonna use her and dump her like every other girl. He has no idea.

"Special? Definitely," I mutter in her ear as we walk through the building towards the back exit away from the crowds that hang around hoping to jump on us after the show. She just smiles, letting go of my hand, hugging my arm instead.

The motel we come to isn't exactly fancy, but it's clean and the receptionist's face darkens as she sees Gemme clinging to me. Had I been alone, she might have "shown me to my room".

"Double room for one night," I tell her and she taps it into her computer. I drop some money on the counter and she gets a key and pushes it in front of me. I pick it up, smile and take Gemme upstairs to the room.

When we get up there, I unlock the door and walk Gemme straight over to the bed, pushing her down on it as the door swings shut behind us. This is almost a routine now. Book a room, have rough sex all night and leave before she wakes up the next morning. Only, this is with Gemme, and I'm trying to think of a way to make it less routine and more special. I mean, I won't be waking up and leaving as soon as I can, that's for sure, but the rest of it?

"Eager, aren't we?" She murmurs, pulling me down onto her by my shirt.

"One way of putting it," I smile, kissing her hotly as I kneel over her.

"What's the other?" She mutters, her hands already straying to my jeans waistband.

"Deprived. But thinking about it, I s'pose they come under the same thing," I smile, my own hands wandering across her body, sliding under her shirt. Thinking about how to make this more special, I realize that other times, they were all about me and me having fun. I didn't give a shit about how much fun they were having. So my aim is to make sure Gemme's having as much fun as me. There. Simple.

Gemme doesn't say anything, just smiling, taking the moment to tear my shirt off, throwing it to the floor. I kneel back, pulling her up with me as I pull off her shirt and reach around her to unclip her bra. I've gotten good at those retarded little clips, now. They join my shirt on the floor and I push her back down trailing my hands across her skin. She flushes a bit, her breathing getting a little heavier as she slips her hands into my pants under the elastic of my boxers.

I grin and unbutton her jeans, pushing them down, pulling away as I strip her down to just her panties. I push her legs apart and tease her through the thin material with my fingers. She wriggles beneath me, her hands at her panties as she tries to push them down.

"And you said I'm eager?" I say, teasing her for a little longer before pulling them away altogether.

"You said two weeks was a long time..." she gasps, "try two months." She unbuttons my pants, pushing them down to my ankles. I kick them away and arch an eyebrow.

"You didn't get any?"

"Why so shocked?" I shrug and lean down to kiss her again. Shocked because she's hot and could have gotten it any time she wanted from whoever she wanted. Kinda like I did.

She kisses me back, moving her attention to my boxers, pushing them down. I kick them away too, and suddenly we're both naked. I missed this. I missed this a lot.

I kneel down between her legs, holding them apart with my hands as I move my head down, my tongue ready. I wonder if I've still got it... Not done this for ages. As I lick at her, she begins to writhe around and I have to hold her down as she clutches the bed sheets, moaning "oh God!" I think I've still got it.

I lift my head for a moment, "that's me," I laugh, before ducking back down.

"I know," she murmurs breathlessly, unable to laugh. I just smile and push a couple of fingers inside, flexing them til her muscles tighten around them. "Luca..." she groans, pushing herself down on the bed, deeper into the covers. I smile again as she finishes and move back over her, kissing her and fondling her chest before rolling us over so that she's sat on top of me.

She puts her hands on my chest, slowly sliding onto me as she kisses me. Apparently she's intent on torturing me, too. I groan slightly as she moves over me, feeling my whole body throb with the need, but somehow I manage to kiss back. I put my hands on her hips and try to get her to move faster, but she moves slowly, teasing me despite knowing how bad I want her to go faster. There's an evil glint in her eyes that tells me she's gonna be keeping this up for a while.

I moan again, closing my eyes for a moment. Opening them again, I move my hands over her skin, tickling her slightly. She wriggles, moving her hips in a way that makes me grab the sheets and close my eyes again, as she leans forward, kissing up my chest to my neck. She speeds up her movements slightly and I can feel my groin tightening slightly as I get closer to the edge. I growl wordlessly, my lusty hunger rumbling in the back of my throat as I push myself up enough to kiss her on the lips hotly.

She smiles and kisses back, finally speeding up some more. I push into her hard, moving with her and not breaking the kiss, unable to hold back much longer. Her eyes close and I can feel as she lets go, her muscles contracting around me and sending me over the edge. I groan again as I join her in the climax, my hands tightening on her hips slightly.

When we're both done, I break the kiss and let my head slump back into the pillows as I catch my breath. She smiles, rolling off of me onto the bed beside me. I smile back at her, turning onto my side as I kiss her again, draping my arm over her. She kisses me back softly and I close my eyes. This is the part where I would normally go to sleep... but apparently, Gemme has other ideas.

"So, why were you so shocked when you found out I haven't been getting any?" I open my eyes again. Do you really want to know so bad?

"Just ‘cause it never crossed my mind that you'd go without, I guess. I wasn't so why would you?"

"I guess I was more attached to you," she mutters and I close my eyes again, tired.

"Oh..." I hadn't really been expecting an answer, and I don't know what to say to that. Instead, I shift, pulling the covers over us. She shifts her head onto my chest, using me as a pillow as I drift off, smiling.

Good show, good sex, and sleep. What more could a guy want?


The End

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