Luca: girls are mean.Mature

I smile and watch in the rear view again as the eagle stares at Rayn. I should probably explain Rayn's fear of the bird. Long story short, he got high a couple of years ago and watched that film Birds. Only he was convinced the birds were gonna come after him next. It kinda scarred him. It made me laugh, but I guess we're even, ‘cause I still hate cats.

"Only a maybe? Huh," guess it's better than a ‘no'.

"I don't think you can wait long enough," she shrugs and I sigh.

"I'm gonna have to. We're only gonna have about half an hour to spare when we get there." I pout slightly and laugh.

"Poor diddums," she whispers in my ear, "well, it'll give you something to look forward to."

"Very mean," I mutter as her breath tickles across my skin. Not that I know what we can really do with Alice. I'm not so hot on the idea of leaving her alone after what happened last night.

"Oh, I know you love me really." I smile and turn my head to kiss her. She kisses me back quickly.

"Eyes on the road, knight," she warns and I reluctantly look back at the road. It wouldn't be an issue if we were in a car, I can abandon the steering wheel and sit in the back and have sex or get high or whatever I feel like, but the bus is too different for that.

"Yes, ma'am," I say, saluting her.

"Oh come on, you know," she leans closer, her lips brushing my ear "that I'm your servant." Are you trying to make us crash?

"If you really were my servant, you'd be giving me a blowjob, not talking," I mutter with a half smile. And if you were any other girl, I'd have made you give me head already.

"You're driving," she laughs.

"Well done. Your observational skills continue to impress me," I smile. But me driving isn't really an issue. That's what telekinesis is for.

"I don't want to put you off."

"Shame. I'll heal it away instead then," I shrug and start diverting my blood flow away from my groin.

"Even though you know you won't be able to perform later if you do that?" She shrugs too. "Heh. I'll have to seduce you all over again."

"I'm sure you'll cope," I mutter with a slight smile.

"Yeah, I guess I will." She summons the eagle back to her arm again. "Guess I'll stay away from you till then, then." It's not like I can't heal it back!

"You don't have to do that," I protest.

"I don't want to be such a tease." She laughs, stroking the giant bird. I glance at her and smile.

"Fine then," I reach for the radio, "I'll put some music on instead." I tune it to a local rock station.

"How would I be a substitute for the radio?" She wonders aloud, sitting down on the table, but her words are drowned out by the voice of the DJ as she talks over the end of a track.

"This is Adelaide here, bringing you all your favorite rock tunes from all over the world. The next song I'm gonna play is by an up and coming band of youngsters, Killing the Phoenix. Cancer, recently voted the hottest celebrity and his band can be seen tonight in Cleveland-" I don't listen to the rest. I want the seat to eat me. Rayn whoops at the other end of the bus, bounding up to me.

"You never told us you were voted hottest celebrity, man!" he practically yells in my ear and I wince, contemplating jumping out the window.

"It was just a shitty survey in a trash mag, it's nothing. Lemme alone," I whine. Gemme makes the bird squawk, hitting Rayn with one of its wings and he yelps, cringing away from it.

"Yeah, leave him alone." She smirks. Ohhh, how embarrassing.

"Mega, mega cringe," I mutter as the woman stops talking and plays the first song on our EP, Break It. Guess the recording guy got it all finished, then.

"Aww, being the hottest thing on the face of the Earth isn't that bad." She smiles and I look at her, shaking my head.

"Oh man, you have no idea how embarrassing it is. Isn't like... Johnny Depp the hottest celebrity? How can it be me?"

"Blame Alice for making you look cute." Oh, I totally blame Alice. "They don't know about you, because you haven't shared your past." She shrugs. "But you're not exactly... bad looking."

"If you say so," I mutter under my breath. Rayn, Phil and Damien are enthusing about how good the recording is and how weird it is to have our track on the radio. I wanna turn it over to another station, but I'm not gonna rain on their parade. I just grit my teeth til the end of the song. "Oh, the sex had better be good tonight," I laugh.


"Humph? If it weren't for you taking Alice in, I wouldn't be the hottest celebrity. You owe me," I wink, leaning over to kiss her for a moment.

"Oh yeah, I owe you for exploiting your sexiness and making you popular. I'm sorry." She laughs, kissing me back, and somehow the embarrassment fades. The Adelaide person on the radio advertises our gig here and a couple of other nearby, and changes the subject to some other local band and I breathe a sigh of relief.

The ‘hottest celebrity' thing is gonna come back and haunt me though, for a long, long time. In the shape of Rayn. And probably Phil and Damien, too.



The End

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