Luca: thank you for coming backMature

Just as I'm getting the hang of this dead elephant style driving, I see Gemme walking along the side of the road, I pull over as best I can and open the door. She hesitates for at least a minute before finally taking a little step onto the bus, moving past me without a word. I want to leap out of my seat and hug her, but I know that I should probably wait at least a while. I mean, I'd pretty much threatened to choose the band over her.

I think the worst part of that was that she'd believed me... I wouldn't have abandoned her just like that.

"Hey, Gemme," I hear Rayn say. She doesn't say anything to him either and I sigh. Have I just dragged her back, like all those times before? I push the thought from my mind and get back onto the road, pushing the bus as hard as I can towards Cleveland.

After a while, I have to pull into a gas station. I stop in the bit for busses and walk down the bus.

"I'm taking a break, guys. Go get smokes or whatever while I fill up," I'm addressing everyone, but my eyes are on Gemme before I go upstairs to get my wallet. Phil and Rayn race each other into the shop, Damien calls someone and Alice sits awkwardly on the sofa, looking at Gemme for a while. Gemme doesn't do anything. "C'mon, Alice. Want anything from the shop?" I ask hovering in the doorway. She shakes her head, but runs over to me anyways. I sigh and take her hand, walking over to the pumps with her.

As I pick up the pump and put the nozzle in the hole for the gas tank, she watches intently, apparently fascinated by it. I smile half heartedly and finish, leading her into the shop to pay. I get some energy drinks and candy. If Alice doesn't eat it, the others will. This is the part where I would normally call the others onto the bus and get going again, but instead, I send Alice upstairs and take a seat opposite Gemme at one of the tables.

"Gemme, what's wrong?" I ask, sitting cross legged on my seat.

"I'm just a little lost... I guess; I don't know where I stand."

"You're the most important person to me, Gemme. Did you honestly think I was going to just leave without you?"

"For a moment, yes. I think I did!"

"I had to say something to get you to come back."

"Yeah, I understand."

"Sorry. I know it was a shit way of trying to get you to come back, but I just didn't know what else to say." I sigh and lean forward so my hand is supporting my chin.

"I know, I understand." I lean forward and kiss her on the cheek gently.

"I should get driving again. Sorry," I mutter, getting back up.

"Wait, no," she protests, getting up too. She leans slightly on the table and I look at her, confused.

"What?" I ask and she flings her arms around me, saying nothing. It takes me by surprise, but I smile and return the hug firmly.

"I'm sorry, I'm such a pain." She laughs through tears and I rub her back comfortingly.

"It's okay," I murmur. She nods slightly into my shoulder and squeezes me tightly. It's then that I realise I haven't had a shower yet and I'm wandering around in my pyjamas. I might as well tattoo ‘white trash' on my forehead, but Gemme doesn't seem to care, clinging to me. "Thank you for coming back," I half whisper, pulling away a little bit to kiss her properly this time. She kisses me back, holding us there for a moment before pulling away to reply.

"I'm glad I came back." I smile and kiss her again quickly.

"Good," I mutter, "as much as I'd love to just hang around here with you, we've got to get to Cleveland for the show at ten." I sigh, letting go of her.

"Yes, okay," she mumbles and sits back down again as I go outside and yell at Rayn and Phil to stop arguing and spraying each other with their water bottles. Alice wanders back down the stairs and sits with Gemme, and I find myself getting my hopes up that they'll forgive each other. 


The End

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