Luca: driving dead elephant style.Mature

When I wake up, it's way into the afternoon and I'm alone upstairs. I can hear Alice and Rayn messing about downstairs, so I don't get up straight away. I slept in the same position all day and when I move, the aches make themselves known. With a groan, I heal them away and wander downstairs.

"Hey, Cancer," Damien looks up from the table where he's writing something. Phil looks up too, before going back to his sandwich. "We're kinda stranded at the moment... Driver's gone AWOL." Yeah, of course he has.

"I know. Call for another one?" I shrug, getting a bottle of water and wandering up to the sofa at the back where Rayn and Alice are.

"Good one. I'll get just my pocket sized yellow pages out, shall I?"He laughs and shakes his head. I sit down, wondering where Gemme is. Apparently, Rayn is thinking the same. He asks where she is, and I shrug. I have no idea.

"Gemme?" I ask in her mind quietly. She doesn't say anything and I frown. "Gemme, we've got to get moving soon, and I don't want to leave without you."I'll drive if I have to, we can't cancel our gig. Sure it's tomorrow, but we've still got a ways to go.

"Just go, I'll be fine." She replies and my frown doesn't lift. She's not getting it is she?

"Okay, let me make that clearer. I'm not going to leave without you." I growl slightly, irritated by her defiance.

"That's foolish."

"How is that ‘foolish', Gemme? What's so stupid about not wanting to leave without the person you love?"

"Because now you're making it hard. I'm a hindrance if I go, I'm a hindrance if I stay," she tells me and I dunno what to say to that other than:

"You're not a hindrance. Now look who's being foolish."

"Luca...I don't know. I just don't know what I want."

"Look, we've really got to get moving, and I don't want to leave without you but..."now I feel harsh, "I'm not abandoning my band either."

"Exactly." Her voice trembles, even in my head and I sigh. I can't abandon either of them. "Go." She whispers and I scowl at the floor.

"Dude, are you okay?" Rayn asks, poking my arm. I slap him away with a growl.

"Gemme's refusing to come back." I snap and then remember Alice is here too, and regret raising my voice.

"She's... she's not coming back?" Alice asks and I turn to her with a sigh.

"No, beautiful. Gemme doesn't want to come with us for a while. Hopefully, she'll catch us up when we get to Cleveland."

"Luca..." Gemme whimpers in my mind as I stand up.

"What?" I question, kissing Alice on the forehead.

"Okay... don't leave me." I roll my eyes, but I smile.

"Want us to meet you halfway?" I ask as I tell Rayn to keep Alice entertained while I drive. She's kinda on our way, I guess. If I take a detour.

"Sure." I don't say anything else, too busy trying to figure out what all the levers do. I push a button and the doors open.

"Shit," I curse under my breath, until I find the right buttons and levers and stuff. We lurch off onto the road and I keep reminding myself not to treat it like a fast car. Urgh. Driving a bus is like driving a perfectly good car, but towing a dead elephant attached to the end of it or something. Luckily the road is pretty straight, so I don't have to tackle any real corners for a while. 


The End

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