Gemme: BirdsMature

It’s getting late, the moon’s just peaking through the mass of clouds above me and I find myself soon tucked up in a tight ball. Still unable to convince myself to go back, I find sleep curling around me and I the next thing I know, the sun is coming up over the horizon and my eyes are flickering open tiredly. Oh what am I gonna do? I can’t stay here. But I can’t go back.

In the end I end up rising and walking round the forest for a while, working out the kinks in my muscles from sleeping on the floor. I come across a few birds that start twittering away happily. I stare at them with an unhappy scowl. “Stop it. I know, I look a mess,” I growl.

Now yes, I can read minds but, like Luca I have another power. Another, crappy power; talking to animals, whoop. I mean, Luca can heal himself, cause objects to fly around the room and what can I do? I can make people bark like dogs and make dogs sound like humans. Wahoo!

Anyway, these birds, they seemed a little arrogant at first, but they seemed to co-operate after a while.I’m sorry. I didn’t know you could actually hear us.”

I shook my head softly, telling them it was okay. “Do you know where I can get food around here?” They turned to each other, twittering madly before turning back to me and nodding.

“Don’t worry; we’ll get you some food.” I nod curiously.

“You don’t have to do that... I mean, it’s okay... if you just point me in the direction...”

They held up a wing and shook their heads together. “No, it’s our apology.” With that, they were off.

When they returned I was just as surprised, I was expecting some nuts and berries or something. They came back with a cheeseburger and fries...I didn’t want to ask, but they told me anyway. “There’s a food place down the way from here. We flew into their kitchen and stole it.” I nodded, already tearing into the food. I threw away the rubbish, well, they took it off me. When they returned I made sure to thank them again and they shrugged.

“No problem, but, why are you here, in a forest, in the middle of nowhere?” I sighed, telling them everything that was going through my mind. God, why do I always have to look like a nutter? But I still found myself sat back at the same tree, on my own, thinking still. On the upside, at least I wasn’t hungry.

The End

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