Luca: Knight with no armor.Mature

I find them in threes. Two rooms, three guards each. I fuck with them a bit first, opening and shutting the doors while I'm out of sight so that they all bundle into the corridor, confused, guns ready. The one at the back is the most jumpy, hiding behind the others, so I find some paper in another room, write HAHA on it and ball it up, floating it over his head. I make it tap him on the shoulder and he freaks, pulling the trigger on his gun by accident. He shoots one of the guys in the thigh, who falls to the floor screaming.

The fat one grabs the paper out of the air and opens it, reading the four letters scrawled on it. The look on his face is priceless. ‘I'm-terrified-but-I-won't-show-it'. Ha. I crush his brain, making him jerk and fire off a few shots. Most of them go into the plaster and a few fly past me.

And that's when I dive in there, fists flashing, my knife in the first guy's throat before they can even register what's going on in their tiny little brains. His blood goes all over me, but I'm wearing a black shirt today, it doesn't matter so much. I punch another one square in the mouth, sending him reeling backwards into his buddies, two of them tumbling to the floor, trapped by the narrow corridor.

The one I hit in the mouth starts crying as he sees the look on my face and I just grin, smashing my knuckleduster into the top of his face. He passes out and I jab my knife in between his ribs, finishing him off, too. I give the two that fell over heart attacks and walk over their bodies to get to the last one.

I tackle him to the floor, starting to beat him to a pulp when pain flares in my side and I fall off the guy, who shuffles away from me, clutching at his jaw. I hadn't counted on the one who got shot in the leg staying conscious long enough to shoot me, had I?

Gritting my teeth against the burning agony in my side, I put a hand to the place the bullet went in, sticking a finger in the hole. Well that feels weird. With a gasp, I give the last two heart attacks and lie there for a moment, trying to catch my breath. I numb it as best as I can and pull the bullet out, feeling decidedly sick as it forces its way backwards out of the tunnel it put in my flesh. I peel off my shirt and lean back against the wall for support. I can feel my body going into overdrive, healing itself as much as it can, but there's only so much it can do for me when I'm dehydrated.

Picking myself up in a sort of stooped, crouchy kinda way, staggering into one of the rooms, hoping they have some water in there.

I'm in luck, actually. There's an office water cooler in the corner of the room and I shuffle over to it, putting my head under the little tap, holding it down with telekinesis as I drink as much down as I can. The hole in my side patches itself up as I drink and my blood levels are restored and for a moment, I sit there, breathing hard, hoping sincerely I never get shot again.

Taking another quick drink, I pick myself up and stumble off into the corridor, trying to remember which way Gemme told me to go after I was done.

At least the fight was interesting.

I pick a direction and walk, my knife still in hand, but I put my knuckleduster back into my pocket, wiping my hand on my jeans. I'm covered in blood. Alice might love her Uncle Luca, but I think I'll probably scare her looking like this. Whatever. I don't stop to find another shirt, I just keep going until I see Gemme. 


The End

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