Gemme: Sorry, No Knight TodayMature

I couldn’t do this, I just couldn’t. I needed better company, so, I decided to go check on Alice. But when I got there and I peeled back the covers ever so slowly as not to disturb her. But there was nothing, no one. Alice... I began searching through the covers frantically, until I got to one. It was coated in a sticky substance, like red syrup. But then, when I pulled it back I found the bus driver, with four holes in his chest.

I bolted down the stairs, calling Luca’s name, but all I got was a groan. I struck him sharply "Luca!" I sobbed, hitting his shoulder sharply as tears streamed down my cheeks. His eyes flickered under their lids for a second but he still didn't wake.

 "Argh!" I growled, striking him once more before running to the front of the bus where I brought it out of gear. Luca did nothing as I sped down the highway. Fuelled by my sorrow and Alice’s cries for me in my head.   

I broke hard, this was no use, I couldn’t hear Alice’s cries over the tangled minds of the high band. I'd have to do this on my own. I ran to my bag, grabbing my sword. I told you I never left home without it, not with the zodiacs, not with Alice. I took of my coat and slung my katana over my shoulder and neck so it draped over my back. Somehow I knew this would happen.

Luca fell over from the sharp break and I growled.  Oh Christ, I had no time for this. "Luca, are you okay?"

 "I'm fine," he moaned into the floor.

 "Good, I'll be back... I hope."

 He pushed himself up and rubbed his forehead, squinting up at me, "where're you going?"

 "To get Alice back,” I growled and shook my head, not that you’re in a state of mind to care. I jumped the stairs leading off the bus and started off down the highway by foot. “Don’t worry, I’m coming Alice. I’ll be there soon.” I could hear her sobbing mirroring my own as she replied, “What about Luca?” She cried for him for a while before I managed to reply. I couldn’t tell her so bluntly that he was on a comedown and he couldn’t save her. So I tried to keep it simple.

“I’m sorry, there’s no knight today. But I’ll be there soon. The Phoenix will be there to heal away your sorrows Alice. Chin up.” I whispered and I began to sing to her, trying to soothe her as I ran down the highway, following our link that I had forged.  

The End

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