Gemme: The GigMature

They were just about to go on again, it was a late one and Alice had fallen asleep in the bus, the bus driver was with her. I however was stood in the wings with Luca. “Sing your heart out, Luca.” I smiled, kissing his cheek softly.

"That wouldn't be pretty," he laughed, returning the kiss.

"I'd say break a leg, but you know." I laughed back, moving slightly so my lips grazed his.

"But it'd heal pretty quickly," he grinned, glancing up at the lighting rig. "Lighting rigs are more fun," he winked, before leaping up into the mess of cables. I sighed and shook my head slightly, a smile on my face.

As they began to play, the crowd went wild and the atmosphere grew. Even I had begun to feel the adrenaline that coursed through the band’s veins. I didn’t get why they needed drugs with such a buzz they got from performing. But, just as they neared the end someone shouted something, “Sing Shining Knight!” Wait, how did they find out? It must’ve leaked from the studio... oh no. At first I didn’t think that Luca heard but he constantly kept chanting the name, over and over.

Luca glanced at Rayn and shook his head. "I'm sorry mate, we can't."

"Why not, come on!" The guy called, I would have shut him up, but I couldn’t find his mind in the mass of bodies that were in front of the stage.

"This isn't an acoustic set. We haven't got our acoustics with us."

"Then just sing it! Come on!!" The rest of the crowd were excited by the thought of a new song and they began chanting too. Oh no... No, no.

He glanced at Rayn again and stepped back from the mic to talk to him quietly. They looked at the rest of the band and Rayn said something to Phil as Luca went back to his mic. "Right, we haven't got our other singer with us, and we're gonna have to improvise, since we're using the wrong guitars," he smiled, "but I think we'll manage." The band improvised the melody and Rayn sung my part. But that guy just wasn’t happy.

"That's crap! Where's she!?" I shook my head, wishing I could find his mind so I could shut him up. How the hell did he know about me? Come on... just take it for what it is. I looked to Luca. "I'll do it... if you want me to.”  I murmured I just wanted them to shut up to be honest.

Luca looked out into the crowd angrily and something behind me wobbled threateningly, but he didn't stop playing. I didn’t want anyone hurt... I didn’t. I snuck onto the stage, using a vision to shroud me as I kissed Luca’s cheek softly. “Calm down.” I whispered, before sneaking off again. The song came to an end and Luca glanced at me, flashing me a faint smile.

"Eugh, You Suck!" The guy growled, but it was faint, like he was walking away.

Luca passed his guitar to Phil and leapt off the stage, running through the crowd. "Hey!" he yelled irritably. I growled now this I was proud of. I concentrated and made the whole crowd pause, freeze if you will. Apart from Luca and the band, I didn’t stop time; I just made them stop, “Luca!” I called, “ignore him! You’ll just end up destroying everything you’ve worked to achieve!”

"I'm not going to start a fight!" He snarled in my head, though it was clear he wanted to.

"You're just going to talk?" I asked, somewhat doubtful as I chased after him.

"Why do you doubt me?" he snapped, pushing his way over to the guy.

"Umm, the way you're shouting at me, the way your thoughts are so tangled?"

"I thought you were the one with the faith in me," he muttered, turning the guy around to face him.

"I do." I murmured unfreezing the guy as I finally caught up to him. I was a little out of breath, I’ll admit. I do need to work out more.

"Look," Luca said to the guy in a fairly reasonable tone, "that song was never meant to be performed on stage, okay? It's a B-side, a random track that will never feature on an album. Don't say we suck just because we stuck to the plans not to perform it live, okay?"

"Huh, I just wanted to hear the chick sing. I'm a friend of the guy at the studios. He said it was cool, I wanted to hear it for myself." Well, I guess it seemed good enough.

"Okay, well like I said, it's not a live song, but we've got a copy of it recorded. Hidden track on the EP, something like that. You'll have to ask your mate." Luca shrugged, turning away.

I smiled as the guy just turned away. I have to say, I also let out a sigh of relief. “You better get back quick; I don’t think I can keep the crowd like this for very much longer.”

He bounced back up onto the stage and grabbed his guitar back from Phil. "Where would I be without you, eh?" he asked with a laugh

"Cameron somewhere I think." I laughed, disappearing behind the wings again, unfreezing the crowd and the hall filled with screams again.

"In a drug den, most likely, hmm," he mumbled mostly in his own head as he started playing another song, "I shouldn't be tempted by that, should I?"

"Not really." I whispered, in reply just in case he was actually talking to me.

"Guess you got some major healing work to do then, phoenix." I smiled and let him finish his performance before pouncing on him, my arms around his neck. “I’ll manage, I’m sure my knight!” I grinned. I guess the adrenaline really did get to me. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and hugged me just as briefly before carrying on backstage. I followed him with a puzzled look on my face, "Are you okay?"

Glancing at me, he took my hand, "yeah."

"Mmm, if you're sure," I sighed, returning the grip. He nodded and I tried to lighten the mood that was falling into an awkward silence. “Good show tonight?”

“Apart from the fuckwit yelling at me halfway through," he shrugged.

"Yeah well, it's up from here so, just smile. Kay?” He smiled and I smiled back. "Good." I murmured, leaning in to kiss him. He kissed me back and I knew something was still irking him, that guy... I thought.

The End

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