Luca: new song.Mature

Damien stops staring after a while, and goes upstairs, reappearing with a couple of the acoustic guitars. He hands me the Martin and takes his own out - he might be the drummer, but like me, he's good at more than one thing.

I take the guitar out and smile at the rough drawing of the phoenix Alice did. I did pin it in my guitar case, just as I promised. We tune up and I look at Gemme. "Sing with us?" I ask with a smile.

"I couldn't," she says, instantly blushing.

"Sure you could," I say, beginning to play a random song by 3 doors down.

"No, I couldn't. You know I don't like singing in public... in front of people I don't know."

"You know me and Rayn and Alice. That's more than half. You sung on the plane," I smile as Rayn and Phil start singing the song and Damien plays the other guitar part.

"That took a long time though!" She blushes harder, "no one here apart from you wants to hear me sing."

"Now you know that's not true," I smile, but shrug and begin to sing as well. Even Damien starts singing and let's face it, he sings like someone's just grabbed his balls and yanked on them.

"But it is..." she whispers and I roll my eyes.

"It's not. Just... let go. Stop being so shy." I tell her, not stopping the singing. "C'mon, even Damien's singing."

She closes her eyes and nods, beginning to sing in what was just a little louder than a whisper. I roll my eyes again, but smile, pausing to kiss her on the cheek. She smiles weakly and sings a bit louder. I guess it'll do. The song comes to an end and it's Damien's turn to choose the song. He chooses Ashes. He thinks it's our best song so far.

"I'm not singing to that," Gemme refuses and I give her a questioning look as I sing it regardless.

"Sorry, I just... feel uncomfortable with it, I don't know why." Our best song so far and you hate it. Huh.

"S'ok," I shrug and keep playing. She nods and brings her knees up to her chest. Kinda looks like she's trying to block out the words, but I dunno why. When that song ends I bring up the new song. I think they like it. I've only got a chorus though, so they're trying to think up a couple of verses. And then Gemme comes out with this verse.

"Everybody has their flaws, Their weaknesses, and they fall, But you're always there to catch me, It's like a distorted fairytale, When you're never there, But I know that you try?" we all look at her, surprised. "What?" she asks.

"Nothing," Phil shrugs, "just wasn't expecting it, that's all." He smiles and glances at Rayn, who smiles too.

"You have a good voice... this could be like an acoustic thing with you and Cancer singing together, maybe," Damien suggests. Personally, I think that could work, but Gemme apparently thinks otherwise.

"What? No... no, no, no."

"Why not?" I ask.

"You know I don't do public singing."

"The studio isn't public. We don't have to put it in our set list."

"No, it's your band, go ahead, it's your glory." Phil shakes his head though.

"That verse wouldn't work for Cancer, I don't think." I glance at him. He's right, to be honest. It would work better if Gemme sang it. She puts her hands up in front of her, shaking them in protest,

"No, I couldn't." I sigh and shrug.

"I guess we can get some other girl to sing it. Your chick sings doesn't she?" I ask Phil and he nods.

"Yeah. Still think it would work better if it was you and Gemme, though. It sounds more like it's a song personal to you two and you know that personal works best. Like Ashes. You actually wrote that one down yourself instead of making Rayn write it out."

She shakes her head, "no, no." She swallows, "no, it's fine. I don't do singing."

"You sound like you do," Damien points out.

"What's so embarrassing about recording a couple of verses for a B-side song?" I ask in her head.

"No, you're wrong, I don't." She says, ignoring my question. I sigh and kiss her on the cheek, turning back to the other guys.

"We'll get your girlfriend to do it then," I shrug, talking to Phil again. 


The End

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