Luca: I love my phoenix.Mature

Remember how I said that if you've slept on the floor of a drug den you can sleep anywhere?

I hadn't tried sleeping between a half-stack and a drum kit, clearly.

The bus is awesome. There's a TV and a sound system and everything and beds upstairs.

Gemme is awesome.

Alice climbs across my lap and sits in between me and Gemme. I open my mouth to protest - I was enjoying the hug - but the look on her face as she grins up at us makes me close it again.

"We can get close later if you want." Gemme whispers, laughing at Alice's grin.

"Mmm," I murmur happily, kissing her on the cheek before putting my arm around Alice instead. Rayn and Phil are fighting over what channel to watch on the TV and Damien is watching me. I look up and he smiles, glancing away.

"Where we going?" Alice asks, and I smile.

"New York. We have to finish our EP," I tell her.

"Eee! I've never been to New York!" She squeals and Gemme smiles. Getting up, she moves to one of the tables, sitting there with her sketchpad. I glance up at her and smile.

"I think you'll like it," I mutter, glancing back at Damien. He keeps staring at me with Alice. Guess it would be kinda surprising - the guy's only seen the drug addict of a musician. Still... it's kinda unnerving. She nods and looks around at the other guys.

"So who are they?" she whispers loudly.

"That's Rayn, Phil and Damien," I point at each of them in turn. Rayn is winning the fight over the TV, giggling like a maniac. He's not even high.

"I think I like Rayn best," she says, watching him as he pushes Phil off his chair.

"Yeah... Rayn's the lovable one of us," I laugh. Apparently Phil doesn't think so right now. He picks himself up off the floor, unsteady as the bus brakes and sends him flying again.

"Are you okay..." She looks to me to make sure she gets the right name, "Phil?" I nod and Rayn doubles over laughing at Phil's expression. Phil looks up at Alice and smiles.

"I'm fine, honey," he says, sitting back on the sofa, but edging away from Rayn. Alice looks at Rayn and starts giggling too, but just over her giggles I can hear Gemme's faint singing. "Once I pushed you away and you fell too fast. But you won't remember me when you fall, no you won't remember me when you fall..."

I don't look up at her, singing in my head, projecting the half formed song at her as I talk to Alice.

"Every knight in shining armor, takes a fall, takes a blow. He can't always save the day; he can't give you everything, even if it's what you deserve. But I can try, I can try."

"Luca..." she whispers. I glance up and smile.

"Yeah?" I ask in her head again.

"That's all I ask," she replies.

"That I try, or that I sing to you in my head?" I laugh, ruffling Alice's hair as she slides down off the sofa to go and sit next to Rayn. She turns round to face me.

"That you try," She says, laughing too. I pat the seat next to me, smiling. She gets up and sits next to me, and I put my arms around her, taking advantage of Alice sitting with Rayn. She slips her arms around my waist and beams up at me. "I love my knight," she whispers. I kiss her on the forehead.

"I love my phoenix," I reply. Damien looks surprised again but I just smile at him and look back at Gemme. Guess he's not used to seeing me display some real affection. Deal with it drummer boy. Gemme smiles and reaches up, kissing me gently on the lips. I return the kiss, happy again for the first time in months. 


The End

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