Gemme: The BusMature

I was woken up in the morning by my phone. I picked it up with a moan and it instantly put a smile on my face. “Yes, thank you.” I replied before putting it down.

Luca looked at me with curious eyes, “"Who was that?" Luca groaned.

"A present," I smiled back, kissing his cheek softly.

"A present?"

"You'll see."

"... Okay." He smiled, though his eyes betrayed his confusion.

"Trust me." I whispered in his ear before swinging out of bed.

"I do, I'm just curious."

“Well, the quicker you get dressed and ready the quicker you find out.” I got changed myself as he spoke, slipping on my shoes at the final word.

"Alright, I'll just go have a shower," I nodded and as he moved into the bathroom I moved into Alice’s room.

“Come on sweetie,” I smiled, nudging her softly. She moaned and her eyes flickered open, “it’s time to go, come on, get dressed and I’ll make you some toast.” She nodded and picked up the dress I had hung on her drawers. I closed her door behind me as I ran downstairs, sticking some toast in the toaster and some water in the kettle. I remembered the curiosity in Luca’s eyes and I smiled.

Breakfast went smoothly and we were soon heading to the destination I had planned, “Luca, you may want to call the band and tell them to meet us there.” He shot me a curious look but called Rayn anyway. When we got there, the bus was already waiting, “ta daa!” I exclaimed, pointing to the black bus that had a giant phoenix, much like the one on my back painted across it, the words “killing the Phoenix,” beneath it. “All your stuff is already inside. I had them transfer it from your old van.”

Luca's eyes widened in surprise, "whoa!" he exclaimed turning to me. "Did I tell you I love you?"

"I believe you did,” I nodded, inside were two tables surrounded with lush, black leather chairs on either side. In the back was a long, L-shaped couch, just like the others. Their music boomed from speakers that were fitted to the top of the bus and it even came with its own driver.

"Wow," he muttered, looking around in awe. "Thank you!" he hugged me tightly.

"Really, no need," I laughed, hugging him back. Alice seemed to be enjoying it too as she collapsed on one of the chairs. It was as much for me as them, I wasn’t going to tour with them, in a van. Just thinking about it made me claustrophobic. He nodded and let go, wandering off to explore the bus. I looked out of the window and saw the band. “Looks like the rest of the band’s here.”

Luca looked out of the slightly dimmed windows too, running out to hug Rayn. I stood at the bottom of the stairs, leading up to the bus and watched as they all became giddy and started hugging each other and such. Wow, was it that big a deal? “You’re welcome.” I smiled, folding my arms as I watched them.

“We owe you one, Gemme!" Phil grinned.

"You owe me nothing." I shook my head, “You’re too polite, Gemme.” Ben whispered in my head and I smiled a little wider.

“Dude, you got us a bus!”

Well noticed... dude.” I laughed, I believe I was actually a dudette but hey, I wasn’t about to correct him.

"You can't get us a bus and then say we don't owe you anything..." Damien muttered, looking around the bus with an expression much like Luca's.

"It's fine, really." I shrugged and Rayn hugged me, bounding off the back of the bus where he jumped onto the sofa. I smiled and followed him, sitting cross legged beside him. “Might as well tour in style hmm?” Alice squealed, caught up in the moment with the rest of them.

"This is fucking awesome!"

"It's just a bus..."

"You try sleeping in a transit van with all your gear on the road," Rayn laughed.

"I'd rather not, thank you."

"Exactly," but I remembered what Luca said, once you’ve slept on the floor of a drug den, you can sleep anywhere.

"Well, shouldn't we be going now? I mean, after you guys have stopped squealing like girls of course." I laughed. Phil flopped on the sofa next to Rayn, Damien following. Luca sat next to me and hugged me, beaming. Alice however was sat quietly at the table, colouring again. To say she wanted to sing like Luca, she was really creative. She always drew everything that happened to her. “I love you too Luca.” I smiled as the bus drove off.

The End

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