Gemme: The Most DesiredMature

Well, I manage to extract a smile from him, a true smile... I think. I smile back, but I can’t help but want a little more than a smile, of course I do. But his fear of being hurt again is completely rational I guess, I honestly don’t know how I can love you after all this or how I am always so forgiving but I just guess, I am. That’s just me. I look at him across the table, ignoring his question or more... classing it as a rhetorical one. I smile wider as his tummy grumbles and laugh slightly.

“Want to go back? I can cook you something there.” I’ve been practicing my hospitality skills; I know how to cook a wide variety of things and also how to clean, how to manage the income flow of a business and well, I guess I’ve been busy. Now with Alice around I guess I feel more like her mother than her aunty... and it hurts, it hurt when Luca got an “I love you,” so soon. I’d die for that kid...

 "Uh, sure," he nodded, his hesitation made it feel as though I was leading him into a trap.

“Come on then." I smiled and stood, reaching out for his hand. He took it almost straight away and we walked down the streets. Some people stared and began whispering and I realised, our life wouldn’t be the same. I have a kid to look after; Luca’s becoming a famous rock star... what now? I took up art because seriously, how many famous artists do you know? Now, how many famous rock stars do you know? Exactly, one would easily out-weigh the other.

After a while we reached the house and I don’t know what to say. I sort of just walk into the kitchen and do what I would with any other customer. I want to say something, break the silence, but I have no idea what to talk about... I just begin to cook and soon the whole room is full of the smell of cooking meat and fresh bread as I realised we had none. I guess we wouldn’t be back, so I only made a small loaf. Then, once everything was done I placed the plate on the table and smiled, before going to do the washing up. The silence still hung thick in the air, well, other than the thanks I got from Luca before he started eating.

I finished cleaning in the kitchen and still had nothing to say. It had become slightly awkward as I started looking for things to do. Ah! Post! I smiled as I felt the postman grumble as he walked past. I almost dashed to the letterbox, just like a dog would and looked through it, magazines and bills. Well, at least it would give me something to do. I walked back in, placing the bills on the kitchen table and ripping open the clear plastic packaging on the magazines.

I don’t normally read those celebrity magazines but I have a magazine rack in the lounge and I always keep it well stocked for customers, but I had unplugged the phones and posted a “closed” message on our website so I wouldn’t be getting any  customers for a while... oh. I glanced at the front cover and something caught my eye, “the top most wanted men in stardom.” Well, this could be interesting. I flicked to page 58 and found something I definitely didn’t expect.

“Well, Luca... you are popular.” I sort of gasped.

“Hmm?” He hummed and I smiled, reading through the article.

“Cancer, the lead singer of ‘killing the Phoenix,’ has become one of the most desirable men in the celebrity world, after his gig in Orangeburg, South Carolina. When a little girl named Alice wandered to the front of the stage and he greeted her with open arms. With a great body and amazing skills on... and off the stage he has climbed the ranks rather quickly to become our number one hottest celebrity.”  Wait, on and off the stage? That bit made me a little angry, but we weren’t together, I’m sure he slept with loads of people. It has nothing to do with me. I put the magazine down on the table, still open on that page and took the clean plate from in front of Luca.

I moved to the sink again as Luca began to reply well, after a snort of laughter. “That’s so weird!” He chuckled.

I nodded and mumbled a muffled reply, “no doubt.” I guess it irked me a little more than what I first thought. He was still laughing, of course, he never thought that much of himself and now he was the ‘number one most desired celebrity?’ Well, he did get it probably by sleeping with people. "Well, I'm going to go pack mine and Alice's stuff. I'll be back down later."

"Yeah, okay." He called as I ascended the stairs. Calm down, he wasn’t yours, it’s not like he was cheating on you or anything and even if he was it would just make you even.

The End

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