Gemme: InterrogationMature

I rolled my eyes sort of walking a little in front, guiding Luca. When we got there I walked Alice into the school. “Now, be nice.” I laughed to Luca as I walked straight toward the teacher.

"Been practicing our rhetorical questions have we?" I laughed before turning to the teacher, explaining that we'd be moving and this would be her last day here.

She nodded and smiled. "We'll miss her; she's a wonderful student here." I smiled back, “I know, I don’t know what I’d do without her.” I whispered while we watched her pull Luca around, telling everyone the magnificent things he’d done. I laughed, moving toward her I crouched to her level. “We have to go; we’ll pick you up later, okay?” She nodded, knowing the drill as she kissed my cheek and hugged me briefly.

Luca smiled and crouched down too, hugging Alice before we left. As we walked he took my hand and I sighed."So, anywhere you wanna go? We could grab a coffee... or get something to eat...?"

"Coffee sounds fine to me," he shrugged.

"Okay." I nodded, leading him to the nearest coffee shop. I don’t know, I was happy I had him back, but it was like he didn’t want to be there, now I know how he felt when we broke up and came back together, like he said, when he ‘dragged’ me back.

We got coffee and sat down at a table near a window. I felt I needed a window to stare absently out of. I did, just that. "Alice is way too into the 'Luca's a dragon slayer' thing," he laughed slightly.

I nodded, "yeah, I always like making up tales, maybe I went a little too far." Tales... I was good at spinning tales and lying to people, screw it. Luca doesn’t want to be here I might as well give him a reason to leave.

"I don't mind," he shrugged with a smile. I savoured the moment, his smile... I knew it wouldn’t last much longer.

"Hmm, what if I was to tell you, Ben wasn't dead?"

He looked confused for a moment before finally stammering; "You mean what I saw in Japan was like... one of your illusions?" 

I sighed. "Yeah..."

"Oh..." He lit up a cigarette and I looked at my coffee.

"Well, I thought you would have acted worse..."

"Why would I care? I didn't really care when I thought he was dead, so why care now?" Well, actually, I should have seen that coming.

"Yeah, I guess."

"... Should I care?" Well, if he’s your friend and you like him then yes, but seeing as he’s not and you don’t then...

"That's your choice." He shrugged and I let out another, final sigh. “Luca, do you even want to be here?”

"Why d'ya ask that?" Well, it’s rather simple really, but why don’t I just explain in really a really long paragraph of explanations?  

"You seem a little confused about me. I wanna know if you still care, or if it's lost. Ben told me that I woke you up, that if I wanted you and worked hard to prove that, I could win you back. I'm just not so sure."

"... Yeah," he sighed, "Benny's right, Benny's always bloody right. I guess I do miss you and want you back, but I'm just confused 'cause I didn’t realise till you came to the gig in New York."

"Heh, okay then," I didn’t know what to say, what could I say? He was confused... what could I do to ease out that confusion? Should I just sit back and do nothing? I dunno...

"I know you hate it but I honestly don't understand why you love me so much..."

"I'm guessing you want to know?" I sighed, taking a sip on my coffee.

“Would be nice,” he shrugged.

I took another sip on my coffee and looked up at him. “At first, I thought it would be nice to see you change. With my power, I saw a glimpse of something beautiful and I wanted to see it all. Your true colours I guess. That’s why I stood by you in everything.” Another sip, “then when I saw how happy I made you and how your happiness made me happy I thought this was it, this was all that I wanted. I didn’t want anything to happen to you.” The last of my coffee disappeared, “then I snapped and the things that kept trying to tear us apart made me snap and I realised that in that state it was best to push you away. That’s why I argued with you every time, that’s why I made myself look like a psycho. Then when I managed to get on my feet...” I sighed, taking a slight pause. “I saw how much you moved on and I thought I’d lost it all, but my original love for you, the beauty I saw, wanted to fight every war to get you back.”

I would just conclude this quickly; no doubt I was boring him. “But I sort of love how you are so protective of me, how you always defend me and how after everything you came back. You gave me a pair of arms to embrace me lovingly and dazzling dark pools to get lost in.” I half-laughed, “I guess, I love you for a number of reasons.”

The End

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