Gemme: Phoenix HealingMature

Sorry, why would he be sorry? I sigh, casting a vision around the cigarette so Alice didn’t see anything. “Its fine,” I half-smile, “I guess I’ve risen a little, Alice has given my heart something to believe in.”

"That's good," he half-smiled back, I didn’t know what to say I mean... I wanted to ask him what he wanted from me, why he invited me here. Why did he keep tying my heart in knots by feeding me false hope? But I knew we would argue, or I’d upset him and push him away.

"So, how have you been doing?" I hoped this question would allow me to find out what’s been going on without being too obvious.

"Umm, okay. The band's been keeping me busy for the most part, but I guess the cravings are worse again. I split up with Kat last night," he sighed, "who am I kidding? I'm a mess."

"Oh, I'm sorry, is there nothing I..." Alice tugged on my trousers and I smiled, "we can do?"

He leant his head back on the wall, staring up at the sky as he took a deep drag on his cigarette, "a magical cure for my temper and cravings?"

"I have one, but I'm not using my power as much anymore, there's been no need.”I shrugged, leaning on the wall next to him.

Then Alice, being as sweet as pie smiled, tugging on Luca’s trousers, "but a phoenix can heal anything!" I smiled at her enthusiasm.

He glanced down at her with a smile and flicked his cigarette away, before bending to pick her up. Hugging her to him, he looked at me with another half-smile. "I was already healed by the phoenix, beautiful, but I messed it up again," he murmured, running his hand through her hair.

"The phoenix is willing to try and heal you again..." I murmured, looking at the floor as I offered, it was a long shot, I realise.

"Got the endless patience back, then?" He asked rather casually and I smiled.

"I don't need patience. I have faith."

"Guess that's all a phoenix needs then?" Well, I guess it is. I don’t need patience, because I know what could happen, Ben gave me faith that I could change Luca. I knew I could do it again, he hadn’t fallen that far.

I nodded. "It's your choice, the offer's there."

"I... thank you," he half whispered.

"There is never any need to thank me, not for that," you don’t have to thank me for love, but... Luca had other ideas.

"Sure there is. Don't argue, just accept it," he muttered, keeping his tone even for Alice.

"Of course, I'm sick of arguing." I mumbled back, I know that’s what triggered our split the first time and looking back it was over petty things.

"Mmm," he hummed, closing his eyes for a moment. Alice's grip loosened on her embrace as she began to nod off and I smiled, her and Luca... it was so sweet.

In turn, he tightened his grip on her slightly without even thinking about it. "I should probably let you get her back home," he mumbled.

"That's the second time she's nodded off without a story. It's when she's with you, you're magic." I whispered, running a hand through her hair gently. "Yeah, we should be getting back though."

He smiled slightly. "Where'd you park?"

"Out the front... Luca, when're you moving on? The tour I mean."

"I dunno Damien and Phil deal with that stuff. You know what Rayn and I are like."

"Yeah," I laughed quietly. "Useless." I joked. "She'll miss you, y'know. She gets attached to people easily."

He shrugged, "well the guys will be back at the hotel by now, I can go ask before you go back to Newberry, I guess."

"D'ya think there would be a chance we could go on tour with you guys? I can teach Alice myself, I could teach you how to read as well if you want." I realised how big that would be, I instantly regretted saying it.

"I can read," he grumbled as we began walking toward my car. It was only a small car. It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it; I just didn’t like big cars.

"Well, okay then. Sorry, I shouldn't have... I'm sorry, we'll just be going."

"What makes you think I can't read?"

"No, I just remember you couldn't read very well, that's all. But it was a stupid idea. Ignore me."

He coughed awkwardly, handing Alice back to me. "As for you bringing her on tour, you saw what we're like after shows. I dunno if it'd be such a good idea for Alice..."

"I have visions. She didn't see you smoking,” I reminded him.

"Oh yeah, right, well it's up to you. I s'pose the other guys would want a say though..."

"Exactly, that's why I said ignore me." I sighed, resting Alice in the car.

"You can come back to the hotel if you want. Rayn's good with kids when he's not high," he laughed slightly, "okay, well he's more like a big kid but y'know."

"One thing first," I mumbled, opening my arms, I didn’t want to hug him first in case he froze up, he still hesitated for a second though, before finally putting his arms around me.

I hugged him back, smiling. "Damn I missed you."

"Fuck knows why," he laughed, "I missed you too, though." I laughed a little to, squeezing back gently.

The End

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