Luca: Don't get comfy.Mature

Too many tales about princesses and knights in shining armor? You don't say.

There is no way I can in any way be confused with a knight in shining armor. Not unless your night happens to have several addictions and some serious relationship issues.

"Yeah, it shows," I smile, watching her get a cookie.

"I really shouldn't but she just loves the tales, wouldn't get to sleep without one."

"Yeah, well, keep telling them." The kid needs to keep as much innocence as she can living around a zodiac. Bad things tend to happen to us guys.

"I'm afraid I'm running out of tales, she's heard little red riding hood over three times." She says with a short laugh.

"Tell her more tales about Uncle Luca," I joke, standing up. "Anyways, I gotta go. Band practice all evening..." Okay, I still have a couple of hours before I even have to leave, but the longer I stay, the weirder I feel about being back and we all know how bad I am at dealing with my emotions.

"I will." She smiles, standing too, "feel free to come back anytime, she'd love to see you again."

"I'll keep it in mind. I dunno how long we'll be here, though. We have to go back and finish our EP soon, I think," I can't remember when Phil said we needed to be back, but... whatever.

"I know, it's a shame really." She whispers, "for Alice, of course." She adds hastily on the end and I nod. Of course, Gemme.

"Yeah. I'll see you around," I mutter to Gemme before going over to Alice and picking her up in a hug. "Be good for Uncle Luca," I tell her, before sitting her down on the table. She nods.

"I will! Don't forget your phoenix!" She calls, picking up the piece of paper, waving it about in front of me. I take it and smile.

"Thanks," I say, "I'll pin it to the inside of my guitar case," I smile, glancing at Gemme. "Bye."

"Thanks for stopping by," she smiles back and I nod, muttering "s'ok" before walking out of the room.

When I get back outside, I feel even weirder. Like a pressure has been lifted off me, but like I want to go back in. I tell myself it's just ‘cause the kid's cute and as surprising as it might be, I don't mind kids all that much. I mean, I get jealous sometimes, just ‘cause they're so innocent and they have no idea what real life is like, and I wish I could remember a time like that, when I didn't know anything.

I shake my head, trying to clear my thoughts as I get back in the car and drive out of the road.

As I drive, I find lyrics forming in my head again, kinda like the Ashes song did and I wonder vaguely if this is how it was when I was Gemme's muse. I grimace slightly at the thought of becoming dependant on Gemme for good lyrics.

Every knight in shining armor,

Takes a fall,

Takes a blow,

He can't always save the day,

He can't give you everything,

Even if it's what you deserve,

But I can try, I can try.

I shudder at the last line. But he can try, he can try. That's better.

I'll see what the other guys think of it. I'm not so sure about this one, though. I dunno.

I'm not sure about anything, to be honest. Well, there's one thing I'm sure of. I've had enough of Kat's dramatics.

When I get back, I don't talk to anyone, I just shut myself in my room and chain smoke for a while, until Kat knocks on the door. I don't say anything and she comes in, sitting on the edge of the bed beside me.

"I'm sorry about last night, babe, I was just-"

"Shut up," I snap, cutting her off, "don't get comfortable there," I push her off the bed and she slides to the floor, landing in an undignified heap. She whimpers and sits up, looking up at me, but she shuts up at least. "Don't get comfortable down there, either. I want you out of my life, and I want you out now."

"W-why? You said you loved me... only yesterday!"

"Doesn't mean that I ever actually meant it," I tell her in a "you're-an-idiot" kinda tone, laughing coldly. She begins to cry and doesn't get up. Her sobbing grates on my nerves and I growl wordlessly, getting up. I pull her up and grab her arm, forcing her to her feet. I throw her suitcase at her and tell her to get out.

Only she doesn't, breaking down even more.

Eventually, I just open the door and make her leave, shutting her out in the corridor alone.

Thank fuck for that.

I listen as her sniffling and sobbing gets quieter as she shuffles off. And then smile.

Now that's over, I have to find a way of getting Gemme out of my head all over again.


The End

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