Gemme: Knight in Shining ArmourMature

I wondered as I sipped my tea why Luca was here, it wasn’t for Alice, although I’m sure she’s glad he’s here. I need to talk him about Benny, but not while she’s here... perhaps tomorrow? I don’t know, I guess I still don’t want to lose him. He only just came here; I don’t want to lose him so soon. Then he mutters something about “endless patience,” to Alice and it sort of snaps me awake, the next thing I realise he says “Gemme will make an artist out of you yet.” Alice just looks to me and I smile, “yes, if you want to follow in my footsteps.” I looked to her and she seemed to be thinking for a few moments, before she came out with:

“I wanna be kind and soft like you but... I wanna sing like Luca!” My smile turned a little awkward as I looked at her, but bless her, she didn’t see the difference and she just grinned back. I knew Alex wasn’t coming back for her, he left his son before. He sleeps with someone, gets dumped with the kid, then he dumps the kid on someone else. But I needed the help and after I met Alice, well... I already sort of felt like her mother.

"Either way you gotta go to school first. You don’t wanna end up like uncle Luca," he smiled slightly.

"I am... I'm doing well in school aren't I?" She looked to me for support and I nodded:

"Quite the little bright spark," I moved to the table, sitting opposite them with my tea, which was now half-empty, or half-full... whatever.

"Good," he murmured looking back at the phoenix Alice had drawn for him.

"Have you seen Gemme's tattoo?" She wondered as she stared at the paper too.

"Yeah, I have. It's a beautiful tattoo."

"Thank you, both of you." I smiled. "But please, can we stop talking about me so much?" I asked, a slight smile on my lips as Alice turned to Luca and rolled her eyes, as if I didn't see.

He laughed slightly, glancing up at me. "What should we talk about then?"

"I don't know; something other than me. What about you?" I turned to Alice with a little mischievous smile, "wouldn't you like to learn more about Uncle Luca?"

"Nothing to know," he shrugged, cutting in before Alice could talk.

I smiled, leaning toward Alice, “once, there were was a terribly evil man. He took me away to his dark castle and then Luca came and fought him off. He rescued me and brought me home. He stormed the whole castle, ‘Gemme, Gemme!?’ He called, until he finally found me, in the tallest tower. There he defeated the evil man and rescued me!” I explained, stretching the truth... just a little. Alice looked up at him in awe, her eyes wide.

“Wow... you’re really brave!” He chuckled slightly, saying nothing about my bending the truth.

I smiled, now that I had her attention, "then, he fought of a dragon!" I grinned, "It blew fire all over, burning him, but he stood and he fought it off with a flash of his blade! Whoosh! Dead."

Alice turned back to Luca, "you're a hero!"

"Not really, but thanks anyway," he laughed.

"He's being modest." I whispered, holding up a hand to hide my mouth as if it would block Luca from hearing. Alice leant back and nodded. He just smiled and pretended he hadn’t heard. I laughed and so did Alice, although I'm not sure she knew why I was laughing.

"So what other tales do you have to tell about me then?"

"Well, there was one time, when Luca took on the dreaded witch of the southern forest. He drained all of Luca's powers, people thought he might die! But then, out of the good northern forest flew a phoenix! With its amazing healing powers it healed Luca and he stood up tall and struck down the witch."

Then, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a while, Luca talking in my mind. "Does she know about our powers?"

I looked at him, "She knows about mine."

"And I was very grateful to the phoenix, even if it didn’t always show," he muttered making Alice's crayons dance around the table. I smiled at his words and also how he made Alice smile so easily.

She clapped her hands joyfully, "wow! You're like Gemme!" She exclaimed, watching the crayons dancing with a wide grin.

"Yeah but my powers are quite clearly the best," he joked, laughing.

"Oh really?" I asked, putting on a mock, surprised tone as one of my eyebrows rose. Alice placed her hands in front of her mouth in shock and I tried to muffle my laughter.

"Really," he grinned, “I can fly. We all know flying is just awesome. Can you fly, Gemme?"

"No..." I mumbled, pouting. Alice's face however lit up. "Really... can, can I fly?"

"If ya want," he shrugged.

"Can I Gemme, can I?" I looked at her and nodded, "sure, go ahead." She squealed and I laughed.

Luca picked her up with his telekinesis and she looked a little nervous at first, but she suddenly began to enjoy it, her face lighting up as she zoomed around the room."Wee!" She grinned and I leant back in my chair, as she settled back down on the floor again she asked why I don't try it.

"I don't like flying. I have a fear of falling." I mumbled, my cheeks flashing slightly red.

"You wouldn't fall."

I just looked at him and Alice began to sing... embarrassingly enough. "Gemme and Luca sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G," my eyes widened slightly and my cheeks flushed an even brighter red.

He laughed, "Luca, don't encourage her." I mumbled with a short, embarrassed giggle.

"Why not, you’re only young once," he grinned.

"Yeah, I guess." I rolled my eyes and Alice leant toward Luca... "You gonna kiss her then...?" She whispered, which wasn't very quiet.

"I dunno," he smiled uncertainly.

“Umm, Alice, don’t you want a biscuit or something?” I mumbled, shaking my head as she hoped off her chair, walking toward the cupboard. I leant forward, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’ve read her too many fairytales about princesses and knights in shining armour.”

The End

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