Gemme: What I am Hoping For.Mature

We stood there for a while as I realised we didn’t have a car. Christ, I never even thought. I heard some shouting and was just about to answer Alice’s question of what was going on when Kat... I think it was... ran out of the room; she caught sight of me and paused, “Gemme...right?”

I nodded, unsure whether to just walk away because of her thoughts and the flaming look on her face, but I figured it was best to answer and not to anger her further. “Yeah, it is.”

"Does he still like you? I mean, he wrote a song for you. He hasn't written one for me. I don't get it, what does it take to please him?!"

"I... I don't know and drugs normally." I shrugged, putting Alice down, ushering her behind me. I’d rather not tell her of all the special moments we shared, the fact that he hardly ever beat me as much as he did with her. The fact that I know all about his past and she knows nothing, perhaps, that was for the best I guess.

"I try so hard," she cried, beginning to crack, "I give into him whenever he wants it, I take his abuse and still tell him I love him, and he still doesn't seem to care all that much... What am I, just some kind of fuck toy?"

I paused, "Umm...I don't know, I'm sorry." I stuttered, kind of scared of how she just broke down in the click of a finger.

She slumped back against the wall and looked at Alice, "sorry," she muttered, "I just don't know what to do anymore and then he wrote a song for his ex and it just got too much," she sniffed, wiping away the tears that threatened to spill.

"You fell too quickly; there was no one there to catch you. You should take it more slowly in future..." I whispered, the only advice I thought to give. Alice tugged on my hand and I spoke in her head to quieten her.

"Luca should be the one catching me!" She exclaimed and I wished I had just shut up.

"Maybe he's not the one for you?" I offered calmly.

She looked up accusingly, "you just want him back, don't you? You're only saying that because you want us to split up!"

"I just meant to..." I started; I didn't know how to finish that. My thoughts just flickered to Alice and I realised, although I couldn’t, I would die for her.

"Meant what!?"

"I won't lie; I want him back, but not like that." I whispered.

She exhaled gustily, wiping away more tears, "I don't know how you can put up with his shit and still want him..."

"Hmm, trust me, I was worse and it was..." I sighed, no; I wouldn't go into that, I don’t want to relay my past. "Just calm down, Luca will tell you what he wants when he's ready."

"Sorry," she mumbled again, "I'm gonna go... clean myself up and let him get on with his music."

"That would be best." I whispered, grasping Alice’s hand. She just nodded and walked off, sniffing, trying to hold back more tears.

I picked up Alice and she opened the door to the room, "take care of yourself guys. If you ever need any funding or anything just ask." I smiled, looking round at the band, I told Alice to close her eyes, in case any of them had taken, or was taking drugs. No one had been taking drugs, but as Phil looked up and thanked me ecstatically I realised Alice had fallen asleep; I ran one hand through her hair before kissing her forehead. "It's not a problem. I'll see you... sometime; I'm sure; the best of luck to you all." Luca glanced up at me and looked straight back down at his guitar awkwardly.

"You know, what I'm hoping for." I whispered in his head as I nodded to the band before closing the door behind me. He said nothing back and I didn’t really expect him to. I laid Alice down on a bench outside as I called for a taxi. “One will be there in about half an hour...” Half an hour? I moaned and thanked the person on the other side before I sat down on the bench, resting Alice’s head on my lap.  

The End

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