Gemme: The Phoenix Re-BirthMature

The breeze was cool, the sky was clear and the stars twinkled above us. But, I wasn’t with the person I loved. I could live with that though, because the present company wasn’t all that bad. At least he was easy on the eyes. I stole a look at him before looking back at the street in front of me, the slight glow of the streetlights lit only what I needed to see to make my way back. I had a good memory, I had no idea where I was but I remembered which way we came to get there. I looked at the tarmac. It was boring but I needed to keep my mind off the erotic scenes Kieran was sending me.

“Don’t you think the night is beautiful here?” I smiled as we passed a dark spot so the stars were clear in the sky. The moon hung in a pretty crescent, like an angelic smile. He didn’t reply, but luckily my guard was up so I didn’t catch why he didn’t answer me back. “I mean, the stars are so beautiful," I continued as I stole another quick glance at him, "the moon like a pretty sliver of grey," I smiled, trying to imbed the image in my head. I would paint this later.

"The stars?" He glanced up as if he never knew they existed, "they're alright. They've got nothing on you though,” the light was dim but I could see his cheeks glowing in the night.

I looked at him and laughed slightly, "Oh, thank you. You're very sweet."

"That was pure cheese," he blushed even more furiously before whispering, "ignore me," beneath his breath. I smiled a little wider.

"Oh, I've heard worse," I reassured him, "I don't believe you're blushing. Are you embarrassed?" I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable, but neither did I want him to get into trouble. I just wanted a friend, a friend that wasn’t gay or a drug-addict.

He nodded, "Of course I'm embarrassed. I just made a pass at Cancer's girlfriend and fucked it up," he sighed and dropped his head. I knew he was ashamed, but I could have just taken it as a compliment, I could have forgotten it. Why did he have to carry on? I mean, what man spills his feelings so freely like this?

"You didn't, I caught it, I thought it was very sweet and you're very cute."

He sighed, "No point anyways, he'd probably beat the shit out of me just for that," I placed a hand on his shoulder softly to stop him underneath one of the streetlights. I mean, why are people so scared of Luca? I have power too.

I kissed his cheek softly, "No he won't. I wouldn't let him. No harm done."

He smiled slightly, "I think I'll stay out of his way anyways... the band I'm with are on tour with Cancer's band for another month." Oh, this isn’t good. I would have to put up with the temptation of Kieran for another month? I could manage. I mean, I had Luca. He’s much better.

"I think that would be best," I looked at the many buses around us and sighed, "Thank you for the drink," I smiled before cautiously hugging him slightly. "And don't be scared of Cancer. He's okay. Really, he’s just protective." He hugged me back and I felt his lips grace my cheek for a moment, making me close my eyes. I shook my head, "I'll see you soon then," I pulled away from his warmth, back into the brisk wind. "See you."

"See ya,” he replied with a smile before walking away. I turned, walking to our bus. When I reached there I sorta wish I hadn’t. Luca was sat on the steps of the bus, his face pulled down in either anger or unhappiness. Possibly both, I wasn’t sure. I shuffled forward and stood before him, my head hung, I didn’t know what I did but I was reluctant to find out.

He stood, lit a cigarette and had a puff before holding it in his hand, “In,” he stated and I nodded with a grimace. I slunk past him like a teenager caught out after curfew and sat on the couch at the back of the coach. I had my head down, but I saw him come in. He sat at one of the tables and had his head in his hands. He was twitching and shaking and that just scared me even more.

I waited a while, building up my courage, before I finally stood and walked over to the table. Well, I waited a little while behind him. I didn’t want to get too close. “Wh-what’s wrong?” I murmured shakily.

“I may have over-reacted a bit,” he murmured coolly and when I didn’t reply he continued, “I may have snorted enough coke to kill a horse.” I stopped; I knew this was my fault. I knew he didn’t trust me and would blame me. I could see it all coming, I could see it all unfolding before my eyes. It was like a premonition and I didn’t like it. I was already edging toward the doors when I replied.

“Wh-Why?” I didn’t have much time to reply before he answered my question anyway.

"I saw, Gemme! I saw what you did, heard every thought you did! He's gonna follow you around like a lovesick puppy and you're gonna fucking love every minute of his attention." I edged a little further away from him, shaking my head.

"That's not true!” I was thinking of arguing with him, but it wouldn’t matter. I’d argued with him a thousand times before and he still didn’t trust me. “But I knew this would happen... I knew what you'd think." I was right; every bit of my premonition would come through if I followed through with this argument. I didn’t want to, so, I’d just run away instead. See how well that’d go.

He slammed his hand down on the table and I jumped my heart stopping for a moment. "Then why'd you go with him? Why'd you practically encourage him?!" I didn’t mean to, I didn’t think I was. I was just trying to make him feel more comfortable. I don’t know! I didn’t think! I love you. This is what I’d like to say, but I’d said it a thousand times before... he looked up at me. "I don't want to lose you, Gemme, but I feel like you're slipping away from me regardless."

I shook my head, "You're pushing me away... I'm at the edge of a cliff Luca! I have nowhere else to go."

He stood up and wobbled before giggling hysterically. The way he moved with jerky movements made it seem as if he was possessed by a zombie. "If you're on the edge of the cliff, then where am I?"

"Pushing me off!" I retaliated, stepping a little further back to the front of the bus. But he soon closed the gap. He grabbed the front of my top and pulled me toward him like a rag doll.

"Then how do I stop?"

"Let go of me! Luca, let go!" I trembled. I didn't think I was so scared of him before. But here he was and I was powerless.

He didn’t let go though, even though I felt tears pushing from behind my eyes, threatening to spill over my cheeks. His tone rose even further. "I asked you a question!"

"Please," I pleaded, whimpering almost. "Don't hurt me." I didn’t think I’d ever say those words but here I was, pleading for my life with him. And I wanted to spend my whole life with him. He threw me backwards, making me collide with the side of bus, my head colliding with the Plexiglas with a crack.

“Fine! Don’t answer my fucking question!” At this point tears were spilling over my cheeks and I was trembling violently.

"I do love you but... I'm just scared, that's all! There, does that answer your question?" I moaned as I stumbled to my feet. My head throbbed and his anger escalated, making it hurt even more because of my powers.

"Scared of what?" He was almost shouting and my ears were already pounding with my pulse. I could hear my heart beating.

"You! Right now. You!" I whimpered, shouting back as loud as I could. But he placed his hand over my face, suffocating me as he held me up against the wall. I could hear footsteps and then Kieran shouting. No... No. Why was he here?

“Hey! Get off her!” He growled, trying to wrestle with him to let go of me.

I batted him away, falling onto the floor again. "Kieran don't!" I yelled, suddenly finding my voice again. "Luca! I don't want to fight you! Please, stop this,” I pleaded. I knew his strength was too much, I didn’t make him let go of me. He let go of me to throw Kieran off him. I didn’t see where Luca went, even though my eyes followed his every move. Kieran picked me up and placed me on the sofa and I growled, I was not to be handled like a kid.

“You wouldn’t change that huh?” He asked, accentuating the word that as if he was a piece of trash.

"I have to go after him!" I murmured, I just had too... I had to go after him and find him and make it all alright.


I turned to face him, my tears still stinging my eyes. "Because I love him." He sighed, "You don't understand! My head maybe bleeding, I may be able to hear my pulse in my ears but that won't stop me. Even if I die... I have to find him. I won't let him go."

"Well I'm not stopping you. I just think it'd be a good idea to let him cool off first"

"I- I... I can't breathe." That wasn’t what I was originally gonna say, but I realised I was dying. The force that he threw me away had fractured my skull or something, it must of. I only hoped that at least one of the zodiacs was alive.

He frowned "what's wrong?"

"Oh, I know... I feel cold. He must have cracked my head open." I sighed, I was deciding whether to keep it quiet or not. But, he might as well know. I was going to die in front of him after all.

He looked kind of horrified, "Anything I can do? You'll have to help me out here; I'm a roadie, not a paramedic." I only laughed at his concern.

"Oh leave it, It'll be okay I mean, you don't know... me, Luca. We're the same. I was rea-read- I was ready to spend eternity with him." I stumbled, resting my head on the table as it grew heavy.

He bit his lip, "He should be here, not me," I sorta wish he was. But Kieran took off his shirt and pressed it to my head to stem the bleeding.

"Get away. L-Leave it. It-It's okay!" I insisted, but he didn’t listen he just insisted in pointing out the obvious. "Stop it!" I paused and then thought of an idea. I screamed, "That hurts! Stop it, please!" I whined. He did and I relaxed, slowly slipping into death. After a little while I wake up again, not much time must've gone by, it was still dark. I had a throbbing head-ache though.

Kieran was sat at the table opposite me, looking at me closely, his eyes wide as I raised my head. "Eugh. I got blood in my hair. That'll take forever to get out. Is Luca back yet?"

"No. He's not been back at all"

I almost wanted to start crying again but I got up and wobbled for a moment before finally finding my legs. "I have to go find him. I'm sorry for ruining your shirt," I sighed as I shrugged on my jacket.

He was incredulous, "Your boyfriend just cracked your head open, you've spent the last half an hour passed out and you're still determined that you should go after him?"

"Look, I'm fine, all healed." I showed him my head. "Let's go."

He gave in easily. "Fine. Where would he even have gone?"

I held up my hand, silencing him while extending my radius of mind. "Luca, Luca where are you? My love, where are you?" No answer.

I looked further out, "Luca, I need you. I'm sorry. Please, Luca, love, where are you!" I hollered in the wide open space outside my mind. No answer.

"Luca. I love you." Very faintly I heard, ‘I love you too’ and I knew it was him.

"Please come back soon, I miss you." I looked at Kieran. "There's so much you won't understand. I'm not even going to bother."

 "...Right." Kieran murmured with a look of disbelief on his face as if me getting up from the dead wasn’t proof enough that I was different.

I spoke into Kieran's mind while reading everything in there, all his memories and thoughts. "Well how interesting. You're practically brain dead in here." Kieran froze where he was, his eyes wide open. "I told you, I'm not going to explain, excuse me. I need some air." I murmured as I slipped past him and walked outside. Once the doors closed again behind me I slipped to my knees and cried. I didn’t know how much longer I could do this.

The End

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