Gaurdian SummonMature

The world is in a dark age no one knows what has happened in the past and whats with the ruined metal skeletons (cities) everywhere. Alot of the world has been turned into sand and compacted dirt. Food and water are short and worst of all its hard to trust people. The only thing that keep people together is power through gaurdian summons. Beast, animals, and monsters that are summoned into the material realm through ones energies. In the distance though a darkness is amassing while the allegianc

The crunch of gravel underneath weathered and worn boots filled the cool night air as a lone figure trudged weakly towards a fire that rested on the horizon. Which casted rays of light down a rippled surface of a sand dune.  The lone figure kept his or her face buried underneath a torn up hood and stood at a estimated height of five foot nine.  The figures shape was hard to distinguish underneath the cloak but up front it was easy to tell that the figure had broad shoulders with torso and legs to match the shoulders. The figure continued to slowly progress in the lonely openness of the cold night with only the distant fire to keep him going; as the night went on a full moon rose filling the wind scarred terrain with its pale light revealing small shadows and surfaces that wouldn't normally catch ones eye during the day. The figures footsteps still sounded within the night as steady as a stream of water crawling across smooth rounded rocks as weak as they were the figure never missed a step.

In the distance a violent howl shook the night air which was then quickly followed by a strong wind which was picking up sand and dust between the rocks. The figure stopped in their tracks and held his or her hands out against the wind to no avail; as their hood was forced back revealing a mane of hair that gave off an orange tinge to it in the pale moon light. Their face was smooth and sharp with eyes as blue as glacier lake, untamed stubble broke the smooth surface of his skin near his cheek bones. On his neck the pale moon light revealed a dark tattoo of 15. The man gave a low mumble as the wind died down giving a look at the source which was to his right.

Just beyond the rays of light emitted by the distant fire the man could see four silhouettes standing away from each other. Two of the silhouettes darted towards each other emitting another blast of wind while shaking the ground. The man this time shielded his face with his cloak letting the harsh blast of wind blow by without much care.

"What do we have here?" He said quietly while looking into his right arm. As if he was talking to someone or something," Yes that would be most advisable, but food is short and talking to the victor might yield beneficial results, all risks aside we can't miss this opportunity I'm afraid." His voice was harsh and dry it also seemed that whatever sanity was decimated much like the wasteland around him. He changed his direction and headed towards the fight while breaking into a sprint. As he got closer to the fight was nearing a close as the man to the right was on his knees swung his left arm about desperately as if commanding the figure ahead of him which looked a bit like a Minotaur. In front of the Minotaur was a large wolf shape and behind it was a standing human shape that pointed towards the Minotaur and spoke in a deep powerful voice.

"Finish this off Sarukan!"  Another howl shook the night and the wolf jumped at the Minotaur that swung its massive fist down at the wolf only to find it falling backwards and being mulled by the oversized wolf.

"NO!" The man shouted on his knees. He then began to scream in pain. The wolf howled again into the night silencing the man.

"Your work is done Sarukan, return to me!" The other man commanded the wolf," Thank your Dran the society will honour and remember your  contribution to bring about a brighter future." The man continued to say as a bright light shot out towards the victor from the fallen man.  The victor held his arm out absorbing the light and the wolf.  The man in the cloak stopped dead in his tracks watching the scene unfold before him. Quickly regretting his choice to come here he turned tail but he did not make it far as the victor had managed to appear behind him and grab his long dark cloak.

"And who might you be?"


The End

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