The Shirt Pile

This was my dream. I had it about a month ago:

I woke up(into my dream) and found myself in a white room that seemed to be endless and have no limits. Then I looked to my right, and I saw this pile of shirts that had to be at least five feet tall. I looked closer and found out it had regular shirts and expensive shirts. One of the expensive shirts I really wanted to have (in real life and in the dream.) Then from out of nowhere an annoucer annouced, "Whatever shirt you can get before anyone else is yours for free!"(Or something of that context. I don't exactly remember that part.) Then he blew a horn, and I immediately went for the shirt. Another girl almost got it, but in the end, I got it, and quickly put it over my other shirt I was wearing in the dream so she couldn't get it.

The End

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