I've always believed dreams hold some kind of meaning. I've  always believed to dream of a dead loved one is a visitation from them. Since I was about 9 years old, I have had a reccurring dream about my dead Grandfather. But that's not the dream I want to share, but a dream I've had only once, of my dead Aunt. 

I dreamt I lived in Miami with all my family, right on the coast. Then one day we learnt that my Auntie Doreen had died and that we must go right away to the funeral home.

My Mum, Dad, Brother, Gran and Grandad walked along the beach, through lots of  palm trees to get to the funeral place, where all my family were waiting. When I say all my family, I mean, cousins, cousin's I've never met, my great grandparents (Who died before I wad born) Their Brother's and Sisters and so on. 

After waiting for a short while, the undertaker called us all in at once to see my Aunt. My brother and I then decided we didn't want to go in.  We'd been waiting for everyone else to say their goodbyes in the waiting area for a short while when the ghost of my dead aunt, came out into the waiting area and sat with us.

Now, In real life she LOVED the chocolate 'Quality Streets' and in the dream she came to us holding a big bowl of them, but told us we must save some for our cousins, for when they came out from saying goodbye to her. She told us, she had a wonderful life and she was glad that she had four beautiful sons (in reality, she was childless) She told me she was particularly proud of one of her sons who grew up to be a world class and well known musician and that I was looking to go the same way as him. I tried to explain to her in my dream that she didn't have any children and she must now rest.

This is when things got a bit strange. She told me she had a son, and told me a name, a name I remembered when I woke abruptly. That Name Michael Abromovich.

The next day when I was very much awake, I typed the name into google. Michael Abromovich is a Pianist! 

The End

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