Me to You

This was one of those short dreams that last all night.


I was in this dark, wet room. I wondered where I was for a second then realised that I was in one of the caves we went in on a school trip to either Kingswood or Keppleray. I was sitting on the ground at the back of a group of kids my age. My primary school headteacher, Mr Rose was standing in front of an interactive whiteboard at the front. 

"Now" he said "Everyone needs a picture. Any suggestions?"

"Me to You!" a few girls shouted. So Mr Rose wrote 'me2you' in the middle of the board with a yellow marker pen. A google image search came up with loads of pictures of Me to You bears. One by one, they disappeared as people shouted "I want that one!" as people got theirs, the people also disappeared. When I was the only person left and there were two pictures left, Mr Rose came up to me.

"You can either have this one, drawn by Rachel McGlashan. Or this one, a drawing of tatty teddy" Rachel McGlashan? She's my sister. Then the drawing of tatty teddy zoomed in and I was suddenly in front of my computer screen.


Then I woke up. I had been changing Rachels desktop image to that picture of tatty teddy just before I went to bed.

The End

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