A Scarifice to the Old Gods

My dreams as of late seem to be getting darker and darker.


I began by following a man through concrete and stone tunnels, but I don't remember much about that.

What I do remember is coming out of a set of steel doors into the daylight; the sky is gray and what looks like black ash is floating through the air, the man raises his arms infont of him and towards the sky.

I can see what he's wearing; 1940's era gray army trousers and tall boots (both like what the average German Wehrmacht soldier wore), a bloodstained leather apron from the waist down, and what looked like a porcelain fox mask with a black hood that covered the back of his head and neck. He wasn't wearing a shirt so I could see that he was pretty thin, but he looked to made only of sinewy muscle, so I figured he was pretty strong.

We were in some sort of square in what looked like an old European city (sort of like Dresden or Berlin), the stone buildings were streaked with soot, the people gathered in the square looked ragged and miserable.

Then the man in the fox mask took a large dagger from his waist, and suddenly I found myself pinned to a stone slab with the man cutting out my heart. After that everything became just black and white, with no gray mid-tones. He took my heart and threw it into the square before slowly sinking into the ground.


The End

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