Teacher Zombies in The Underground?

This is a dream I had last year, as myself again, that’s why when it says ‘we (years six, seven, eight and nine,)’ which is not any of my correct year-groups, it is actually correct...in a way. Does that make sense? Anyway, as last time, surnames have been shortened.


We (years six, seven eight and nine) were going on a field trip to the underground train stations whilst Year 10 repainted the school.

All of the people going on that trip had turned into zombies, except a small group, including me. At school we were running from them, but I got separated from the group. I found myself in one of the second-floor rooms (possibly a science lab) and I opened the window and threw out a zombie boy who was chasing me. He was strangely heavy and, even though the window was wide open, I still managed to smash all the glass as I threw him. Next I noticed some teachers in the room, but they too were zombies. I started to throw the teachers out the window too; Mrs. J, Mrs. C and, strangely, Tony Robinson (the Time Team guy from TV). They were all lighter than the random zombie boy!

I went into the next room (also a science lab), to look for more zombies, and it was full of pixies. Evil pixies.

Then the scene changed completely and I was finally on the school trip. My friend, Eleanor, and I were by the ticket barrier. I decided to go up a down escalator and down an up one, but it become a slide instead and I slid down it. I was then separated from Eleanor and lost in the underground.

Back on normal ground, I took a red bus, but became worried quickly when the bus got to a hill, so another girl (not from my own school) and I decided to get off. I did a strange dance on the hill, whilst being filmed by other people from the bus. The driver then commanded us to get back onto the bus but the other girl put up a fight. I left my shoes on the hill, and then journeyed by foot back to the underground.

When I arrived I found all the zombies had come back from being dead (well, duh) and were walking in one direction through the stations. Oddly, no-one was frightened by them. Tony Robinson came up to me and complained that I broke him arm when I chucked him out the window…

Then I saw a zombie of the man I love so I followed him. He left the underground and went to a coach with Year 10s on. We had a nice conversation (I’m not 100% sure what it was about, but I think it might have been trains!) He said ‘goodbye’ and went onto the coach, so I turned around and walked back to the middle of the underground stations. The zombies were still there but in the middle of their crowd I saw the human version of the man I love. There were two of him!


Weird or what? I mean, a lot of that was me jumping about from place to place. And the Year 10s at the end? Don’t ask me why; it’s only my mind! I am starting to notice patterns in my dreams, now that I have began to write them down all in one place. For one thing, a lot of my dreams seem to involve school and teachers; another is that I seem to be involved in smashing a lot of glass windows. If anybody has any idea why I dream about these sorts of odd things, any comment would be appreciated! Hehe, maybe it’s a sign that I am mad!

The End

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