A Really Weird Wedding

OK. This dream is actually a bit dodgy. It was one of those dreams that feel real but then you wake up and find that it was just a dream. It also had hints that it was a dream.


I was sitting in a room. It had a bed, a chair and a laptop... and a small window. It was quite dark. I didn't recognize this room. Then Flora came in with some cheese on toast and handed a piece to me. I took it and thanked her. I guessed this must be her room. She sat in front of the laptop and turned it on. The Protag home page flashed up. She went to her page markers and clicked on this story. She read the last chapters then wrote a new chapter.

Emily was at my house...

She typed. I thought this was a bit strange and that maybe she was making it up. I looked away and thought I'll read it when I get home. Coz I remembered her telling me that she felt uncomfortable when people read over her shoulder.

Suddenly, the room changed, yet it wasn't any different. I was just looking at it from a different angle. The room was now completely white and light. I was sitting on the bed. Flora had disappeared.  Sam came into the room. She was wearing a lilac knee-length dress and some white high-heeled shoes. Her hair had glitter in it and was done really nicely.

"Emily! You need to get ready for the wedding!" she exclaimed when she saw what I was wearing. "It starts in ten minutes!"

"Wedding?" I asked, confused.

"I think you should know about your own mum's wedding" she said and eyed me as if I was completely mad. I suddenly remembered the wedding that I actually knew nothing about. Sam left and I got up to follow her and noticed that I was now dressed in a tight, pink, knee-length dress. My hair also had glitter in it and was done exactly like Sam's. I suddenly remembered that I was going to be a bridesmaid for the wedding I actually knew nothing about. Then my sister, Rachel, came in.

"Help me get ready! There's only two minuted left!" she yelled. I thought this was strange because there's been ten minutes left a few seconds ago. I then realized that I had a tight, white dress in my hand. It fit Rachel perfectly.

Then the whole scene changed completely so that I was in the church round the corner from my Nanan's house. This was REALLY weird since neither Flora or me live in Ingoldmells. However it was slightly different. The seats had been painted white, and were turned around and moved to the side a bit. So that everyone had to turn round if they had any hope of seeing what was going on. Amy and Flora were sitting on the seat in front of me. Nobody else was in the church. Amy was wearing a black ankle-length dress. Flora was also wearing an ankle-length dress but it was white.

"I had a dream about this wedding last night" Amy was telling Flora. I went around to talk to them but then my Auntie Stella grabbed me.

"You're meant to stand here" she said, placing me just next to the second isle. The wedding march then started. I looked to the end of the isle and saw that it was actually my mum standing there. Danny (my mum's fianceé) was nowhere to be seen. When the music finished, the doors suddenly flew open. Danny stood there. He was dressed in a baggy blue sport shirt and baggy jeans and a pair of dirty trainers. He had a really stupid grin on his face. This really annoyed me, he was ruining his wedding. He ran up the isle to my mum. I looked around to see what would happen.

"I thought I was going to be late. I thought that we were going to some tropical island to have it" he said to her.

"In your dreams" the vicar said.


Then I woke up. I had a really bad headache and it was 10: 04. I was late for school.

The End

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