Comrades! Don't Leave Me!

If you read my last post here you'd have seen just how messed up my dreams are, but the funny thing is, they never bother me at all, if anything they make me laugh.

But last night I had another, and this one did bother me.


I'm with a group of guys in old army uniforms and work clothes, riding in the back of a GAZ-53 truck driving down a road through a swamp. Everything looks kinda brown, like the sun is setting and filtering through a haze of dust; short and sweet, it's freaking me out.

We pull up to a clearing next to what looks like an abandoned mining operation on an outcrop of stone jutting from the swamp. There are pools of chemicals and filthy water all over the area, and the others step around these as they roam around the area collecting steel drums of diesel fuel. After a while they come up with about a dozen, but one of them is stuck in mud on the edge of the contaminated swamp.

I run over to help one of the men pull it free, but something goes wrong. I find myself bleeding from the chest, wheezing, and crawling towards the truck as they loaded the last few barrels in, shut the tailgate, and began to drive off.

I just knew that something horrible was coming too, something just felt wrong, but I couldn't place it! I started sobbing "Comrades! Don't leave me, please don't leave me to die! Not here, not like this, please comrades, take me with you!"


I had been doing some work at my friend's place, so I was staying the night. He heard me shouting and went to check on me; it seems I was sobbing and calling out, just like in my dream. I woke up when I crawled out of bed and fell on my face, bloodying my nose in the process.

The End

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