The One Where A Mermaid Jumps Out The Window

In the other dreams I have told you about, I have been observing and participating as myself (Angel Sumner) but in this dream I see events from the eyes of one of a pair of naughty boys. It’s not a very long dream but it recurred a few times when I was little and, so I could keep a memory of it, once I even acted it out with my Barbie dolls!


I am at a magic show with my class, which is small (about 10-odd persons) with our female teacher. There is a magician at the front and he calls his ‘glamorous assistant’ forward. At first their act is going fine-if a little boring-but then the magician casts a spell that reveals the assistant in her true form; as a mermaid! She is horrified, so with a squeal jumps out the window backwards, smashing all the glass and leaving the magician clueless.

I become bored so start to chat to the identical boy sitting next to me. But it is not long before out teacher tells us off for being noisy. As the interval of the show arrives, our ‘class’ goes out to eat packed lunch but the twin boy next to me suggests that we skip it and go and rob a grave.

At the small graveyard we select a grave, open it up like a book and take out the skeleton, which we need to use for an experiment/trick. Then we replace it with a fake skeleton.

We arrive back just in time to see the end of the show. The assistant has not returned. We start to talk about our scheme as the show closes, but the teacher, who is now sitting right behind us at the back, tells us to be quiet again. Then she says we have been very naughty and that robbing graves is not fun!

The End

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