Miniscule Talking Penguins

Well... I actually remember this dream from when I was six to seven years old. I have no idea how I remember how old I was. I thought of putting it down instead if my other one but it was so long ago I didn't think I'd remember it properly. However I had it again last night and I remember it exactly the same as I did before I had it again.

I was at London Zoo with my dad, my mum, and my sister. Me and Rachel (who is my sister) were having a great time running sticks along the bars of animal cages and laughing at the animals reactions to the noise. But the main thing we were bothered about was

"When can we see the penguins?"

"I wan't to see the penguins now!" so we then went to the penguins. When we got there, it was just what was probably a completely drained pond that would have been quite deep if full with six miniscule penguins at the bottom. I jumped down and landed safely on my feet. Rachel was scared so I climbed up the ladder and showed her how to do it. I felt really proud that I could do it and she couldn't. In the end, she just climbed down the ladder. The penguins were really cute but when we went to pet them they suddenly started talking!

"What are you doing?" the one with the yellow beak said to us rudely.

"Yeah. How would you like it if you were being petted every day of your life?" the one with the blue patch said. I looked at mum and dad and they smiled encouragingly. I tried to pet one that had pink feet. It smiled and leaned towards me as if it had never been petted before. I smiled back at it and moved to pet it. But as soon as I touched it, Rachel suddenly started crying loudly. I moved away from the penguin but she screamed so I petted it again. Then it started raining. When we started to leave, the penguins surrounded us.

"Where are you going?" blue-patch said "You only just got here!" and it dragged me over to the other end of the empty pond. Rachel then stopped crying. The penguins really wanted us to pet them so we petted them. Then the sun came out and the penguins pushed us away. The pink footed one still really wanted us to stay but mum and dad said we had to go. I started climbing up the ladder but the penguins followed. I looked down and they were all smiling sweetly. I got to the top and started getting them all out and I was just about to ask mum and dad if we could keep them...

... and then I woke up. And I don't know how, but that dream never failed to scare the living daylights out of me. I wasn't scared in the dream but I was completely terrified afterwards and could never get back to sleep for fear of the dream carrying on. That was when I was 6 - 7. When I had it last night it still scared me but it was morning when I woke up anyway so it didn't matter. I have no idea why it decided to come back to me.

The End

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