School dream

Okay, so this is a really weird dream from last year or something....

I was in my Year 5 classroom in Primary School (I'm in Year 8 now... a bit weird). The chairs were all gone, and only a couple of tables were left. Those tables were lined across the middle of the classroom which split the room in half. One side had all the boys and on my side were all the girls. And on the table were guns that the boys were aiming at the girls. Each of the girls were lined up opposite each boy to be shot at. Typically, I was lined up with a guy I had a crush on (and still do... teehee). So we just stood there, ready to be shot. It was just like school but the lesson was "Let's do a shooting practise on all the girls." The girls weren't tied up or anything. We just stood there. And then a whistle was blown. Then the triggers were pulled. But it didn't really hurt. I suppose my point of view of being shot was what I dreamed it was like, so it wouldn't really hurt, more like all the air inside you being forced out. Then I woke up and thought "Hey, I just got shot by my crush in a dream. That's nice."

The End

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