A Less Simple Dream

This is a weird dream I had two years ago and I wrote it down. I don’t know whether it makes much sense but I thought I’d put it down anyway. For security reasons all names or surnames have been shortened, unless they are friends who won’t mind.


It was the last day of school and we were in a chapel-like building for prize giving. My peer-group of girls were sitting at the back and Mrs. F was only giving out the prizes in our area. Louise W received one French prize (unsurprisingly Mrs. F is a French teacher), I received the next and my friend Eleanor received the last-even though she was in Set Three. None of us opened the prizes but I knew instantly that they were stationary sets!

Later I found out that my RE teacher, Mr. S was really an evil Russian lady in disguise. She had long dark brown hair, tied up in a ponytail and long dark pink fingernails.

Our school Library had been half-turned into a shop and Dr. C was sword-fighting a Year Seven. I vaguely recognised the Year Seven as I was helping to fight Dr. C. We then managed to creep away from the fight and later I wondered why we had been fighting Dr. C because he was one of the good guys…

Suddenly the three of us, Dr. C, the Year Seven and I were in a lift going to the top floor of a block of flats. On our way there we met ‘The Three Musketeers’ (red, yellow and blue blobs with swords). When we all arrived at the top floor, we painted their swords black. For the yellow blob this was okay as the colour suited it. For the blue blob (whose sword pointed sideways) this was weird and for the red blob it was no good either; its sword was broken. Then, whilst the blobs were arguing amongst themselves, the Year Seven and I made some kind of strange mechanism to test out on that top floor.


This dream may be weird, and if anybody has any idea what it means, I will be very interested to know, but I have been known to have other, weirder ones. Less school-based and more fantasy-like, I have recurring ones that are very strange. Like the one where a mermaid jumps out of a window…

To be continued…

The End

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