They're Coming!

Really vague dream I had a week or so ago, but it makes sense to my life. Kinda.

Back story seems appropriate, so: my friends Luke, Alex, and I have been preparing (although it all sort of fell apart) for a possible zombie outbreak.

I remember being in my house, although it was bigger, and I suddenly lived in a rather wealthy neighborhood; but it was still essentially my house. It was almost pitch dark - that evil purple darkness when disaster strikes in the night - but it was lightened by a sinister orange glow of a far-off blaze.

I remember panicking. Searching for a weapon, knowing, anticipating the approaching danger. I took a mental inventory of the gun rack in my (dream) kitchen, then speed walked down the hall to my brother's room. I opened the door, and it was filled to the brim with people, none of whom I recognized (or if I did, I don't remember) except for Luke, sitting on the lower part of my brother's bunk bed.

"Gun!" I hissed (or something like that), and Luke handed me what appeared to be the small plastic laser gun I had handled earlier that day (not in the dream). Except it was a real gun. A real, lethal, killer gun with a powerful red laser to pinpoint the shot.

Leaving my dirty, frightened refugees, I ran out into the living room/dining room/kitchen again, making sure my gun was loaded (it apparently ran on batteries). Making one last check on the door barricades, I stared out of the sliding-glass door out into the backyard, where beyond a sloping hill the unseen fire was burning brightly.

I suddenly heard the moans. The moans of the undead (?). Were the zombies? Psychopaths? I never got to find out. I couldn't feel anything, no pain, but I saw them; saw them crash through the window, saw them swarm my house. I shot them, killed them, but they kept coming.



I don't remember anything else.

The End

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