Black Hole Dream

This was a really odd dream I had quite a while a go, but I somehow still remember it.

I started off in complete darkness, and it felt like I was just floating in midair. Then, a deep voice said,

"Hey, I'm a black hole! Do you want me to spit you out?"

Seeing as I didn't really fancy being stuck in darkness, I said yes, and I landed in front of my school. It looked exactly the same as it does in real life. One of my friends then walked up to me, and said,

"I'm not your friend anymore!"

She then walked off, and I went to my classroom. There were no people in the corridors, and I can't remember any clocks either... Another one of my friends was in the classroom, and then she said exactly the same thing.

"I'm not your friend anymore!"

She then walked out as welll, leaving me a bit confused. A third friend walked into the classroom, and she looked really angry. And then, behind her, the other two came in, with their arms crossed. The third friend said,

"I'm not your friend anymore! None of us are! We think you should just go!"

And then I got sucked up and ended up back in the black hole...

Then I woke up, late for school.

The End

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