A Simple Dream

I thought I’d post a simple dream to start with, not elaborate in language or anything. I had this dream a while ago and, although it wasn’t very long, it really meant a lot to me. Different from the normal fantasy epics that rage in my mind, this was more real and far more touching.


The man I love was coming round the classroom I was in (sitting at weird work-bench type tables), talking to some other girls in my class, looking at their work and just generally messing around to annoy my teacher, Mrs. C, who was standing nearby.

Suddenly he was next to me. He moved closer and put his hand on my shoulder so that he was standing directly behind me. I leant my head back slowly onto his chest and could feel his heart beating irregularly fast.

We looked at each other, knowing what this meant, and slowly found ourselves drawing closer together.

When we were almost close enough to kiss, he said something inaudible-I could feel his breath on my lips- and turned away from me.


Then I woke, feeling incredibly disappointed that it was not real. I’ve never had that exact dream again…But I sometimes have similar ones.

The End

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