Apple Cider Vinegar Dream

In real life, I like to drink balsamic vinegar mixed with apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, olive oil, Aromat (a Swiss allspice type thing), and a few other spices. I put it in a glass, mix it up, because, of course, the olive oil likes to stay on top, vinegar on the bottom, and the spices floating on the oil, and drink it.

Well, all of my friends make fun of me because I do this. They think it's gross, disgusting, unhealthy (it isn't really all that unhealthy- especially in small amounts), and so on, and so forth.

In my dream, I was sitting at a table with my mom, my friend Katrina, Katrina's mom, dad, and brother. The table was in the hallway of my school, but that doesn't matter all that much. We were eating.

Katrina asked me to pass the apple cider vinegar. She was sitting across the table. I said something like, "You won't use it. You make fun of me. Anyway, don't waste it!" But I had already picked up the container, fooled for a moment.

She grabbed the container, and poured the apple cider vinegar over her food. The plate was three quarters filled with plain, white rice, and one quarter was mushrooms. In real life, my friend Katrina doesn't actually like mushrooms.

I was appalled. "Now eat it!" I told her. "Your mom will make you eat it!" I took the container back, and showed it to her mom, who was sitting next to me. I said, "Look! This container was full! Katrina poured all of that over her food! Make her eat it!"

Her mom didn't show very much interest.

This reflects what I feel sometimes, that I'm the only one that ever gets reprimanded. That because I am a little bit more of a trouble-maker, that people look for trouble that I make, and ignores whenever anyone else does something wrong.

It also might have something to do with the fact that I had my special concoction, with a bit of extra apple cider vinegar, not long before bedtime.

The End

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