A dream

This is a dream from a few weeks ago... but it's so weird that I can actually still remember it.

I remember a normal life... then one day, just in the city and busy roads.. these sphere shaped orange capsules started flying down to earth from the sky. They were probably spaceships from somewhere, except they were empty. The machines didn't exactly bash into the ground, they floated around and gently landed onto the roads where people started staring at them.

They flew all over the place and were just big enough to fit one person in. The top half or so was made out of glass or some kind of transparent material, and that would flip open, then people would just weirdly float into the capsules as if they were sucked or attracted into them like a magnet or something. Anyway, there was about a dozen or so, random people got sucked in, including me of course. Then we just went off again, and everything just got smaller and smaller. It wasn't bumpy, or anything, it was just, a capsule flying everywhere, and you could see people in other capsules with their mouths wide open then staring out of the window. It was crazy.

Then we flew into the clouds, and landed on the surface of the clouds. The glass flipped open again, and we floated out. And there was a complete city made out of clouds. Just simple buildings really. But it was impressive. Everything was white and strange. The clouds were puffy and soft and stand-on-able. You could fall and it wouldn't hurt at all. The buildings were just really simple, four walls and a low ceiling, a few windows here and there, and weren't really big at all. There were lots of these weird small buildings, you could even climb onto the flat roof of them because they were so small. I think people lived in them, i'm not sure.

Then after a while, we float back into the capsules and returned back to earth.

The End

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