Dreams that take me no where

           In dawn of my sleep I had awoken on the street where the bus had been heading my way. It was grey with a little blue number on top. The number had been foggy of course because aas I had gotten in and the driver had closed the doors, I knew I had taken the wrong bus leading no where.

Still, I looked outside nonchalantly not really thinking about where it would lead me. U saw everything and nothing at all, just remembering that day had been gloomy; rain clouds had been out ready to weep.

"Last Stop," the bus driver had announced, but i was the only one getting out. I saw as the bus left with only the driver inside. Had it been a long dream to what I awaited to see?

I looked around to find that the last stop had dropped me off where all the buses retire at the end of the day, finding that there was almost impossible to get out of here or to see where I was going with the over crowding.

Suddenly, like a spasm I had appeared somewhere else. A familiar street I could not recall in my memory. I was walking toward an apartment to find my old roommates. My face wrinkled at the thought that they all lived there like slobs in one corner. I was looking for someone that I had been sure was looking for me, but I had no clue nore memory to whom it could be and so I woke up to my alarm, pondering why I had dreamt at all.

The End

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