Game On - Script

(Scene 1, Act 1)


Alex and Dami are having an arm wrestle, in which Dami is trying hard to win with concentration in his eyes. Ashleigh’s phone starts to ring, so Alex picks it up with his other hand and answers it. Alex wins without even breaking a sweat…unlike Dami.


Alex: I win!


Dami: Sad and angrily. Oh no, Not again!  


Charlie: I don’t see why you bother, Alex always beats you. 


Dami: In a competitive way. I’d like to see you do better.


Alex: Come on Charlie, Can you handle the master?


             Ashleigh walks in


Ashleigh: What’s going on?


Charlie: Sad tone of voice.   Dami lost, again.


Ashleigh: Surprised tone of voice.  Again? How many times have you lost now?


Dami: I nearly won earlier.


Charlie: Only because Alex was too busy answering Ashleigh’s phone!


Ashleigh: Surprised and shocked.  My Phone? Who called?


Alex: Gasps.  Whoops I forgot to tell you...


Ashleigh: Huh? Tell me what?


Alex: Well... Your dad rung up said that he was going to New York... for two years...for a business thing.


Ashleigh: laughing unsurely. No... This must be a joke? Right?


Dami: Why would we lie about a thing like that...?


Charlie: And you know how bad I am at doing a joke... I always giggle.


Ashleigh: Surprised and unsure.   So what has it got to do with me?


Alex: He wants to take you too.


All: Gasp.


Ashleigh: Angrily. Ok if this is a joke, it would be a good time to tell me now!!!


Dami: Sadly.  We wish we could, but we can’t.


Charlie: So does this mean that you have to live in New York for two years? ...I’m going to miss you. Start sobbing then walk out slowly.


Dami: Yeah we are going to miss you... Start sobbing and then slowly walk out in the other direction to Charlie.


Alex: I...I...I guess I should give you some time alone, yeah. Walk out slowly.


Ashleigh: Start sobbing.  So I guess this is what it will be like in New York...Lonely, boring and too far from Home....




(End of scene 1, Act 1)

The End

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