Katie dabbed the wipe against my room and I flinched forward. "Stop moving" she complained quietly. I tried to sit still but the skin that had been torn of my shoulder left it raw and stinging like hell.

"I swear some of those thugs have it in for me" I groan gritting my teeth against the pain. Luis came back in an handed my a water bottle which I tucked up my shirt against my stomach. Seven thugs. I had barely stood my ground against two so by the time I limped out of the training room I was the new owner of some really bad bruises.

"Your ankle doesn't look right" Luis commented. I looked down at it seeing him to be correct. It was sat at this odd angle. I tried to move it but it hurt and I bit my lip to hold back my whimper of pain.

"I think its broken" I gasp out. Katie pulled back and frowned.

"We need to tell someone" she says. I shrugged and she went off to get a hold of someone. As she did Luis came and sat down next to me.

"Whats the plan?" he asks.

"What plan?"

"To get out of here. Hell, Meira, they killed our parents we aren't staying"

"I don't think we have a choice"

"Hell" Luis snapped getting to his feet and pushing a hand back through his hair. As he did I imagined Alex doing the same things. I shook my head and blinked hared trying to force the image out of my head. 

What was wrong with me? Why the hell was I beginning to think about him? He's the one who got me stuck in all this mess. Katie came back. "They said they'll speak to Alex" she mutters.

"I've got a broken ankle why does he have to know?" I grumbled now very irritated.

The End

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