Barely A Moment

I had barely a moment before some thug came along and dragged me off to train. Damn you Alex was the only thought in my mind. He was the annoying fly you couldn't find in your room so it just kept buzzing.

He was the splinter under your nail you couldn't get out cause it was too small. There was something about him though. A kind of.... nice side.

Oh stop it, I thought to myself angrily. Trying to see something that wasn't there had always been my faults. When I got dragged off to training I was glad to see it wasn't that damn assault course but the martial arts training.... was a lot worse.

My sense of balance had improved since I got here but it wasn't amazing. I'd be taught a few attacks and blocks then forced to spar which would just end up with me on the floor with several bruised sides.

I limped back to the elevator which is when I bumped into Alex. "Happy?" I snapped at him. "I couldn't even get a breath as I had your thugs beat the hell out of me for your stupid cult or whatever it is you are here"

Alex opened his mouth to reply but I didn't let him too tired and worn out to deal with his snarky comments. He could go die in a whole for all I cared right now. The pains in my sides and the sprain in my ankle was enough for me to hate him even if he had been a good guy.

I couldn't see that being true though. I didn't see how it would be even possible for Alex to be a good guy. Not to me anyway.... Not even if he had saved my life.

The End

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