Time Limit


I reached my floor and stepped into my newly renovated quarters. A small flat, the holographic environment outside depicted a city at night, the flat was placed high in a building. At the moment it was raining, the raindrops were lit from below with the traffic I was too high up to hear. I stood at the window and looked down into the street, seeing the cars go by, merely black beetles with light spilling from their eyes. A chime sounded behind me.

"Sir, a video call for you." A voice said.

"Project it." I replied, turning. On the wall, a projector showed a picture of a man I'd never hoped to see again.

My Boss. Leader of the Controllers, the political force of the galaxy. An emperor of sorts, he ruled the entire galaxy.

"Starfield." The man said, his stern face projecting anger in every line. I cringed a little inside.

"Yes, sir?"

"You have not submitted a report for nearly a month. I demand to know what you are doing down there?"

"I am training the recruit, as you ordered sir." I bowed, and quickly righted myself, forcing myself to look into that face.

"The Target is coming into position on your miserable patch of territory." The Boss said. "You are prepared correct?"

"Very nearly sir." I said.

"He will be in position in three days." Boss said. "If he does not die during his stay, I will destroy your little, establishment." The projector clicked off, darkness and silence filled the room.

I clicked the intercom. "Send word to Meira and her friends. Her vacation is over and her training doubles in intensity, effective immediately."

"Yes sir." The intercom clicked off and I sank to my knees. Meira wasnt even close to ready, she'd be killed instantly by the Targets body guards, and I would have to pay the ultimate price.

The End

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