The last two weeks had gone well. I'd interviewed the ordinary girl multiple times, and discovered several interesting things that boiled down to this, 'surprise' I had prepared.

Meira hadnt been responding well with the same training techniques that I had used, she was constantly angry and uncooperative. Usually I would simply initiate punishments for insubordination, but this time, I decided to change tactics. This girl was different, she was protective, but terrified. I glanced over my shoulder to see her following me. She didnt even try to locate landmarks, or look at the signs, clearly showing where to go. I strode straight into the elevator without pausing, she looked surprised when we stopped I pressed the button on floor one hundred and seventy three. Finished this morning, it was the 'surprise'.

I'd heard that girls liked to be given nice things. The floor was larger than the rest, much of it was a holographic out-door environment that coincided with the rest of the tower. We descended into the trees and the elevator door opened to reveal Meira's new living quarters. The elevator opened onto a hallway, holographically designed to be like a front porch, but instead of the opening to leave, there was the elevator. I stopped her from stepping out automatically.

"Give me your room key." I said. Confused now, she did so. I handed her a new one."Do you see the button." She looked, blanched slightly at the number of floors above us, but nodded when she saw the button to this floor, still glowing. A keyhole next to it contained my master key. "That keyhole unlocks this floor, no one else can come down here. The diggers are already below," I gestered at button 174 "And you are not to press that button until that floor is completed. You can see that the ground floor is also locked. That may discourage your escape." I pressed the "open doors" button and pushed her out gently. Before us stood a large double door, beautifully carved. "Unlock it."

She reached out, hesitantly, and inserted her new key in the lock and turned it. The door clicked and swung open slowly. A living room lay beyond, with a vaulted ceiling fifteen feet above us, spotlight style lights hung from the ceiling in little spiraling clusters. A low, modern style couch sat in front of a large flatscreen TV. Sitting on it were the boy and the girl. The girl burst into tears when Meira stepped toward them, the boy just fidgeted uncomfortably. I could understand that. I fidgeted a bit myself, then cleared my throat loudly, interrupting the tearful reunion.

"Meira, you and your friends will stay here. I am giving you a break. Three days, then you will need to report back to me. Floor seventeen, ask for my office. Nine o' clock am sharp. If you are late, I will take this away." I pushed open the double doors and went back into the elevator. I hoped she'd like her little house. The back porch opened out onto the beach of the little sea. The water was warm and the sand was soft. There were no animals in the trees, no bugs to worry about. Her friends would be happy for sure. I just hoped she would be. I was sick of anger, sick of being angry, sick of having people be angry with me. I cant choose who I am, and I cant choose what I am. I pressed the button for floor seventeen and the elevator rose on invisible strings through the air.

The End

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